[NEWS] BLACKPINK Reveals Partial MV and Melody of ‘How You Like That’ for the First Time

With BLACKPINK’s comeback only 2 days ahead, partial melody and the MV for ‘How You Like That’ have been revealed for the first time.

On June 24 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the MV teaser clip for ‘How You Like That’ through their official blog.

The 19-second clip was short but fierce. In a space that reminds the viewers of an ancient temple, the silhouettes of BLACKPINK members appeared while water and fire moved with the wind and the deep blue sands flowed down through fingers. JISOO appeared while covering her eyes with colorful flowers, presenting a mystic and odd mood.

The members were then shown again, while the large wing sculpture on the top grabbed the viewers’ attention. The clip made the viewers curious about the symbolic emblems used on the MV and their meanings, in addition to the overall concept of the new song.

BLACKPINK’s glamorous and charismatic styling shown for a short period of time were also impressive. At the end of the clip, JENNIE, ROSÉ, LISA, and JISOO yelled the highlight sound and the title of their new song, ‘How You Like That’, which raised the global music fans’ anticipation.

The teaser also unveiled the melody of ‘How You Like That’, captivating the ears of viewers. The ambient yet grand orchestra sounds dominated the mood in an instant, which also escalated the mood.

The lyrics of ‘How You Like That’ were written by TEDDY and Danny Chung, while the song was composed by TEDDY, R.Tee, and 24 to raise its level of musical completion.

The song ‘How You Like That’ will be released on the 26th at 6 PM. BLACKPINK will hold their ‘countdown live’ through V LIVE and their official YouTube channel at 5 PM, an hour prior to the song’s release.

Furthermore, the group will present their comeback performance of ‘How You Like That’ on the 26th(local time) on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

Source: YG-Life

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