[NEWS] BLACKPINK to Release ‘How You Like That’ Today (26th) Worldwide

Group BLACKPINK is finally making comeback today(26th). It is their new song being released in approximately a year and 2 months, as well as the pre-release title song of their first-ever album upcoming in September, which is grabbing the attention of music fans more than ever.

The title of their new song is ‘How You Like That’. It is a hip-hop track with BLACKPINK’s unique characteristics and charisma. The teaser for the song noticed BLACKPINK’s fierce conduction with its ambient yet grand sounds dominating the intro.

‘How You Like That’ gives the listeners a strong impression with the escalating vocals changing throughout its emotions and the explosive drop part that yells ‘How You Like That’. The powerful beat being escalated throughout the song contains BLACKPINK’s message of ‘moving forward and up despite any dark situations’.

In addition to the power of the music itself, the MV for the song is one of the points people look forward to in BLACKPINK. The set that reminds people of an ancient temple or large wings that contain symbolic metaphors presented an extraordinary scale.

The glamorous styling and mystic mood combined with the ‘hip’ charms of BLACKPINK members raised curiosities on the concept of the new song, which naturally led to high anticipation on the actual MV.

Foreign media including Forbes, the American economy magazine, spotlighted the new K-Pop sensation that BLACKPINK will bring.

It is because they have experienced the positive signal BLACKPINK’s influence can bring into the major Pop scene, as they are known as the ‘YouTube Queens’ with 18 videos with over 100M views including the MV for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, which recently surpassed 1.1B views.

In fact, the song ‘Sour Candy’ released by BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga has been ranked at no. 17 and no. 33 on UK’s Official Singles Top 40 chart and the US Billboard Hot 100 respectively, setting the best K-Pop girl group record in history(previous record was set by ‘Kill This Love’, ranked at no. 41. Furthermore, the song topped the Global YouTube Song chart only with an audio video.

Forbes has previously predicted, “BLACKPINK hit their highest spot in the Billboard Hot 100, and they will use this momentum to reach a higher point with their upcoming single and MV”.

‘How You Like That’ will be released worldwide on the 26th at 6 PM. BLACKPINK will meet the global fans through their ‘countdown live’ being broadcasted on V LIVE and their official channel on YouTube at 5 PM, an hour prior to the song’s release.

Their first comeback performance will take place on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ on the 26th(local time). Their first music broadcast appearance will begin in SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 28th.

YG Entertainment stated, “BLACKPINK’s active promotion will go on including their exclusive reality content, ‘24/365 With BLACKPINK’”. They added, “The members are determined to repay the love they’ve received from BLINK(fandom). BLACKPINK’s activities will leave a huge meaning this year, more than simply leaving a record-breaking outcome”.

Source: YG-Life

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