[NEWS] Billboard, “BLACKPINK is a Strong Girl Group, Has Great Music AND Loyal Fanbase”

 “How can you not love such a strong girl group?”

US Billboard released an article on the success factors of BLACKPINK, who are currently on a ‘record march’ day by day after making comeback.

On July 7(local time), Billboard uploaded a debate article by Billboard staffs with BLACKPINK as the main topic through the ‘Five Burning Questions’ corner.

Regarding BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’, which was ranked at no. 33 on the ‘Hot 100’, one of Billboard’s main singles chart, Billboard explained that it is the first song by BLACKPINK to be listed within the ‘Top 40’ without a “Western co-star”. BLACKPINK has previously been ranked at the same spot with Lady Gaga’s ‘Sour Candy’, which the group has participated on as featuring artists.

Nolan Feeny, a staff member of Billboard, pointed out that among all BLACKPINK’s songs, their latest release has a lot of English lyrics and is composed of languages without meaning in the hook.

He reviewed, “It means that people other than Koreans can also sing along to the song. BLACKPINK’s song seems to have been designed to reach out to the global fans”.

Anna Chan reviewed BLACKPINK as a girl group with both great music and talents, as well as pointing out their strong ‘attitude’ as one of the main factors of their recent success.

She added, “They’re not meek, quiet young women lamenting a lost love or yearning for some imaginary perfect man”.

BLINK(BLACKPINK’s fans), who actively purchase and promote the group’s songs, was also pointed out as one of the main factors of BLACKPINK’s success.

Gab Ginsberg explained that with the advancement of social media came up with an environment which allows the fans to move in an organized way and stated, “BLACKPINK has formed a large and loyal fanbase, while the fans are willing to do anything that will help BLACKPINK”.

Jason Lipshutz pointed out the fact that BLACKPINK’s latest release is performing well on streaming platforms and that their MV set new records on YouTube and stated, “Credit the BLACKPINK fandom in general”.

He added, “It will be harder to bust through the glass ceiling at US radio, where even the biggest K-Pop hits have struggled to make a significant dent, but what BLACKPINK has already accomplished commercially in the United States is pretty breathtaking”.

Some staff members have also explained that they’ve expected ‘How You Like That’ will reach a higher rank than no. 33 on the ‘Hot 100’ chart.

‘Five Burning Questions’ is a corner where Billboard staff members discuss an artist and music which became a hot topic over the course of the week.

They usually cover artists who have reached the top ranks of the ‘Billboard 200’, which is the main albums chart, or the ‘Hot 100’.

It is unprecedented for an artist ranked in the 30s to appear on the according corner. It seems that they put meaning since BLACKPINK has set the best K-Pop girl group record in the Hot 100.

Source: YG-Life

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