BLACKPINK’s Reactions on Getting Two E! People’s Choice Awards 2020 Nominations

It’s time to break out some ice cream!

BLACKPINK is nominated for not one but TWO People’s Choice Awards this year. The hit K-Pop band was on-camera doing an interview with E! News’ Carissa Culiner when they found out the exciting news.

The group was recognized for their song “Ice Cream,” which earned them nominations for The Group of 2020 and The Music Video of 2020.

“Oh my god, oh my god. We’re just shocked. We’re just shocked to say anything. Oh my god, that’s amazing. Hearing it now, it’s even more of a shock,” the group responded. “We’re trying everyday to stay calm and like stay calm and just work.. just work well. I think these are like the moments where we kind of you know, remember why we really put in all of our efforts and a lot of times create things for our fans and our listeners out there. We’re very grateful that these things come you know after all the work.”

When asked if they had a message for their supporters, the ladies just urged fans to go vote!

Saying, “I’m getting like chills! Guys, just… do what you guys do and if you like us, go vote guys! Click click click click! But thank you for having us nominated, we’re very grateful. I can’t even process this”

If you want to vote for BLACKPINK and some of your other favorite celebrities, go to the official voting site to cast your vote. Voting ends Oct. 23!


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