Jisoo & Rosé Revisits tvN Amazing Saturday Episode 129

Synopsis/Show Description

The cast and guests play games to win and enjoy different foods from a featured outdoor market in Korea. The main game consists of listening to a song and determining the correct lyrics for a part of it while employing different hints to get closer to the solution. Every failed attempt means more food for YouTube mukbang star Small-mouthed Haetnim. During Snack Time a different game each week determines who gets to try a snack representing this week’s market.

Jisoo & Rosé appeared as guests on the show’s 129th episode which aired in October 10th, Saturday at 7:40PM KST. As this is Jisoo’s 2nd time in the show while its the 3rd time for Rosé, the cast welcomed them them as “family”. The show even nicknamed them “World-class Amazing Saturday Family”.

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10.10.2020 at 7:40PM KST

Full Episode

English subtitles by @dareumi1

Alternative Links: | Mega

Raw Cuts
Playlist of Raw Cuts

Ahead of the broadcast of Chaesoo’s episode, tvN releases of the show’s Snack Time segment where Jisoo is seen dancing to JYP’s ‘Swing Baby’ + Rosé making her own MV for Park Bom’s ‘You and I’ after getting the answers right! Watch the video cuts below!

In the preview, MC Boom asks them if they have any tips and tricks for how to succeed in the missions.

Jisoo says, “I think that ‘Amazing Saturday’ is about getting the one-shot.” This refers to a prize in which the winning cast member or guest gets the screen to themselves for a shot. “I have to make myself stand out, and cheat off people around me who are easy to fool.” She is sitting next to Nucksal and Kim Dong Hyun and jokes, “I think I chose a good spot to sit today.”

Rosé says, “I think that if there are English lyrics, I’m good at getting them.” Rosé grew up abroad, in New Zealand and Australia. “I think your attitude changes when you’re hungry.” One of the songs in the missions has a lot of English lyrics, and the cast jokes that she’s gotten all the lyrics right except the English ones.

Check out the English subbed video below by @dareumi1 !

Source: Soompi

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5 replies on “Jisoo & Rosé Revisits tvN Amazing Saturday Episode 129”

Hi! The full episode without subs is now up. Will immediately link here the subbed vid once its available. Thank you.


Hi! Subbed vid is now up. Also, subbing does take a lot of time and effort. It’s even more difficult coz this show isn’t picked up by any licensed online streaming provider. We’re lucky to a have fan subber around translating this in his/her free time without getting paid.


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