Rosé Becomes New Model for Seoul-Based Street Brand 5252 by O!Oi

The casual brand 5252 BY OIOI and its contemporary brand “OIOI Collection,” developed by FINDFORM, recently announced that they have selected BLACKPINK member Rose as their endorser.

The brand stated on August 17 that Rose has the influence and unrivaled charm as a worldwide K-Pop artist. She was selected as the model with the direction pursued by 5252 BY OIOI. The brand added that Rose has a bright, trendy, and confident image.

The company is expanding its distribution network overseas like Asia and Europe. It also plans to expand the brand’s global recognition together with Rose.

Rosé is planning to launch full-scale publicity activities starting with the 2021 Pre-Fall collection of 5252 Bio I.O.I. In the published pictorial, Rosé created a sporty casual look by matching a 2021 signature hoodie and slim black bike shorts.

Rose plans to launch full-scale publicity activities, starting with the 2021 Pre-Fall collection of 5252 BY OIOI. After completing her first photoshoot, Rose released some of the cuts ahead of time. In a published pictorial, she matched a 2021 signature hoodie with slim black shorts to create a sporty casual look. It is a casual wear that highlights color and comfort.

The product that Rose wears is the signature hoodie of 5252 BY OIOI. It is the main product for the 2021 FW season with a lace on a twill paper. It is an all-weather piece, and it goes well with slacks and skirts, and also shorts and denim. It has a wide range of sizes from S to XL, and it varies on color options. So everybody from both genders can wear it. Furthermore, different FW casual wear like knitwear and beanies will also be introduced soon.

A brand official stated that the company is already looking forward to the new and positive harmony that 5252 BY OIOI, which is receiving lots of love from the generation with a wide collection that adds amusing ideas and practicality in every season, and Rose, the possessor of the unique charm will make. The brand is now preparing a wide range of activities, videos, and pictorials to be released. The brand also prepares their models for the O.I.O.I collection.

Moreover, 5252 BY OIOI will conduct a virtual presentation of 21 F/W through the official online store on August 23 after the release of Rose’s pictorial on August 17. In addition, an event will be held to present a bandana that will serve as a gift – but it has limited quantity only and is given on a first-come-first-served basis – to customers who will purchase the signature hoodie that Rose is wearing. Rose’s signature hoodie will be released upfront through the official site from August 17, further details can be viewed on the brand site and SNS.

At the same time, the products worn in Rose’s pictorial can be viewed on the official website starting on August 17.

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5252 by O!Oi


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