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[YG-LIFE] 170901 BLACKPINK Has Become No.1 on Oricon Chart for Two Consecutive Days, Taking Japan by Storm

BLACKPINK has taken the No.1 spot on Oricon charts for two days in a row.

As of August 31, BLACKPINK’s Japan debut mini album “BLACKPINK” took the No.1 spot on Oricon’s Daily CD Albums chart once again, proving the group’s huge popularity.


On the day of the album’s release, as much as 21,583 copies were sold, putting the album at the No.1 spot on Oricon charts. Afterwards, 5914 additional copies were sold, making the album become No.1 once again.

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[YG-LIFE] 170831 BLACKPINK Hit Japan Hard, Swept No.1 on Oricon and Tower Record Charts

Group BLACKPINK swept No.1 on Japan’s major music charts including the charts of Oricon and Tower Record.

As of August 30 at 9PM, BLACKPINK’s debut mini-album took No.1 on Oricon’s daily CD albums ranking on the day of its release in Japan.

According to Oricon that is a record sales ranking chart with the biggest prestige and longest tradition in Japan, 21,538 copies of BLACKPINK’s debut album in Japan have been sold so far.

170830 YGEXStaff blackpink

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[YG-LIFE] 170830 BLACKPINK Releases Debut Mini Album in Japan

BLACKPINK is releasing their debut album in Japan.

On August 30, BLACKPINK released mini-album “BLACKPINK” that includes their hit songs released so far, to make an official debut in Japan.

170830 blackpink japan debut mini album

The album includes the Japanese versions of BLACKPINK’s debut song “BOOMBAYAH”, “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, “STAY”, and “As If It’s Your Last” that was released most recently, as well as the Korean versions of the songs.


BLACKPINK held a debut showcase at Budokan before their official debut, which was the first-ever case for a foreign girl group. Budokan is a performance hall dreamt by every artist in Japan. BLACKPINK also drew keen attention from even before their debut, holding “BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE”, their first solo concert in both Korea and Japan, and entertaining 14,000 fans of audience.

170827 A-NATION 2017 1

In addition, BLACKPINK presented fantastic live performances of their hit songs “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and “As If It’s Your Last”, for the opening stage of Japan’s biggest summer music festival “A-nation 2017” held at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium on August 27.

BLACKPINK appears in live broadcasting of Nippon Television’s “Sutkiri” show’s HARUNA corner, to present live-performances of “BOOMBAYAH”.

Source: Sports Chosun via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170828 BLACKPINK x iKON x DAESUNG Shined at Japan’s a-nation, Fascinated 45,000 Music Fans

BLACKPINK, iKON, and DAESUNG presented fantastic live performances at Japan’s biggest summer music festival “A-nation 2017”.

On August 27, BLACKPINK, iKON, and DAESUNG performed at A-nation held at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium, to fascinate 45,000 music fans.

170828 blackpink at a-nation 2017

BLACKPINK marked the opening of the festival. BLACKPINK electrified the stadium by presenting the performances of their mega-hits including “BOOMBAYAH” whose music video has recently surpassed 200 million on YouTube, as well as “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and “As If It’s Your Last” all of which have surpassed 100 million views.

BLACKPINK is releasing their official Japan debut mini-album “BLACKPINK” on August 30. The members of BLACKPINK said, “We’re so happy to give live performance at this great music festival. Please remember the name BLACKPINK!”

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Source: Osen via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170814 BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” MV Surpassed 200 Million Views, Set Another Unprecedented Record

After achieving the 100 million view mark with four of their music videos, the music video of BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” has surpassed 200 million views.

The music video of BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” surpassed 200 million views on the 13 this month. As of August 14 at 7:50AM, the video recorded 200.3 million views.

170814 blackpink boombayah 200m views

BLACKPINK has already set remarkable records with substantial number of views for their music videos. The music video of BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” surpassed 100 million views on August 8 in the morning. The number was reached within 46 days of the song’s release, which is the shortest-ever period of time for a K-Pop group. The record is all the more remarkable when considering the fact that BLACKPINK made debut only a year ago.


Now, BLACKPINK has four music videos that have surpassed 100 million views, as well as a video that has surpassed whopping 200 million views. Those numbers are proving BLACKPINK’s global potential and influence.

In the meantime, BLACKPINK wrapped up the performances for their new single “As If It’s Your Last”, in MBC “Music Center” and SBS “Park Jin Young’s Party People” on August 12.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170812 Billboard Writes About BLACKPINK’s Achievements Upon the Group’s One Year Anniversary

Billboard published an article about BLACKPINK’s past year, calling it “the remarkable first year of achievements”.

On August 11, Billboard wrote an article about BLACKPINK’s chart records that started off with “To celebrate the one-year mark from their show-stopping debut on Aug. 7, 2016 with the double singles ‘Bumbaya’ and ‘Whistle’ to today, let’s break down the remarkable first year of achievements.”

170812 billboard blackpink anniversary

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