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[YG-LIFE] 170513 BLACKPINK’s JISOO Shows Off her Innocence with Charming Shy Eyes

BLACKPINK’s JISOO shows off her gorgeous looks.

On May 13, JISOO posted pictures on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram page along with the comment “Can’t sleep. Good night to you from BLACKPINK”.

170513 jisoo ig updates

In the pictures, JISOO shows off her special charms. One picture was taken in daylight, and she looks cute with her eye wide open. The other picture was taken in the evening, and she looks innocent and charming, enough to catch anyone’s eye.  

BLACKPINK produced a number of hit songs last year including “WHISTLE”, “BOOMBAYAH”, and “PLAYING WITH FIRE”. Not even a year has passed since the group’s debut, but BLACKPINK already has three music videos that surpassed the 100 million view mark.

Source: YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170410 “Chic vs. Pure”, BLACKPINK’s JISOO and JENNIE Boasting Contrasting Appeals

BLACKPINK’s JISOO and JENNIE unveiled a photo that well-reveals their contrasting appeals.

On April 10, JISOO and JENNIE posted a photo on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram account.

170410 blackpinkofficial 1 jennie jisoo

In the photo, JISOO and JENNIE are making a pose of a flower cup with their hands. While JISOO is boasting her feminine and pure appeal in a floral blouse, JENNIE is displaying her chic appeal in a leather jacket.

BLACKPINK enjoyed great popularity last year, creating remarkable hits with “WHISTLE”, “BOOMBAYAH”, and “PLAYING WITH FIRE” successively.

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[YG-LIFE] 170327 BLACKPINK’s LISA Turns 20 and Celebrates her Birthday with Members

LISA celebrates her birthday.

On March 27, a picture of JISOO and LISA was posted on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram page.

170327 blackpinkofficial 7 jisoo lisa hbd lisa

In the picture, JISOO and LISA are looking at the camera doing cute poses. The picture was hashtagged with #BLACKPINK #JISOO #LISA #HBD #I love you LISA.

Fans wished her a happy birthday, and LISA celebrated the day with the rest of the members. Fans posted comments such as “Happy birthday” and “I love you my loves”. It was LISA’s 20th birthday.

Source: YG-Life