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[YG-LIFE] 171122 BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ, “I Didn’t Know My Voice Was Unique… I Feel Gifted”

Girl-group BLACKPINK’s main vocalist ROSÉ meets fashion magazine CéCi.

At the shooting scene of the pictorial which had a concept of ‘Silly but Stylish Girl’s Surprise Night Out’, despite the cold weather due to abrupt temperature decline, ROSÉ led the bright mood of the scene and did her best to make good results.

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[MAGAZINE] 171117 Rosé on Ceci Korea December 2017 Issue (INTERVIEW + SCANS)

Q: How do you spend the holidays now that you are currently resting from promotions?

R: Last time we had a lot to do even when resting but recently since my mom is in Seoul. I’ve been spending time with her and we just do normal things. It’s been a while since I’ve had my mom’s cooking too. It’s yummy so I eat a lot so much that the my sister has to tell me to stop eating.

Q: Have you always been a bright and happy person? Your speech is really cute too.

R: I think it’s because I’m the youngest daughter and though my sister and I have a four year gap, we are like friends. When I was in Australia, I attended a Korean church and when someone new came in, even when no one told me to do so I would tell them, “If you need anything let me know.” I remember I was excited about it and I was in elementary school then.

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[YG-LIFE] 170804 Rosé Says on Fantastic Duo 2, “The competition was 400 to 1 when I auditioned for YG”

BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ to compete for a duet stage with Gummy on Fantastic Duo 2.

Recently, ROSÉ did the shoot for the Star Wars Special of Fantastic Duo. She definitely stood out among the ten celebrities that were competing thanks to her unique voice and style.

170804 rose fantastic duo

Before debuting as BLACKPINK, ROSÉ took part in an YG audition in Australia and was chosen among 400 competitors. She said, “My dad suggested that I should audition, and I was 100% sure that they wouldn’t pick me but they did. Getting vocal training from Gummy is what I always wanted.”

Earlier on, IU also picked ROSÉ as the female singer she wants to collaborate with. ROSÉ will compete with other celebrities for a duet stage with Gummi, which will be a dream come true for her.


A member of the production staff said, “All the ten celebrities were great, but ROSÉ’s voice did stand out. It will be a chance to see a side of ROSÉ that she did not show as a BLACKPINK member. All the celebrities were great singers. The Star Wars Special will be one of the greatest episodes.”

Meanwhile, in the Star Wars Special of Fantastic Duo 2, ten celebrities including ROSÉ and Yook Sungjae will compete for a duet stage with Yang Hee Eun and Gummy. Non-celebrities were contestants in other episodes, so the Star Wars Special will be especially interesting as it will be a chance to see celebrities compete. The Star Wars Special will air at 6:25 PM on August 6.

Source: Osen via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170730 BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rosé Show Off their Innocent Looks

A picture featuring girl group BLACKPINK’s LISA and ROSÉ looking close was revealed.

On July 29, pictures hashtagged with “#ROSÉ #Partygirl LISA #BLACKPINK #NYLONJAPAN” was posted on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram page.

170730 lisa rose

The pictures feature BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ and LISA taking pictures for the magazine.

LISA elicits girl crush for female fans. The way she looks at the camera is charming enough to seduce anyone.

The picture showing LISA and ROSÉ resting their chins on their hands is so charming that it can go on a magazine right away.

It hard to take your eyes off LISA and ROSÉ’s fresh looks.

Source: Sports Chosun via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170726 “Her Eye-Catching Image, Irreplaceable”, Fascinating Visual of BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Girl group BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ boasted her fascinating visual.

BLACKPINK posted a photo on their official social media account on July 26, saying, “Behind cuts of BLACKPINK ROSÉ’s photo shooting”.


A post shared by BLΛƆKPIИK (@blackpinkofficial) on

In the photo, ROSÉ is boasting her dazzling beauty,  showing off her shoulder over a black dress, while sitting on a chair. Her mood perfectly harmonized with the outfit stands out.

BLACKPINK has recently been performing for new single “As If It’s Your Last”. The team will make an official debut in Japan soon.

Source: Sports Chosun via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170713 BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shows Off Her Charms

BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ shows off her gorgeous looks.

On July 13, photos of ROSÉ were posted on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram page along with the comment “How’s your day BLINKs? It’s getting really hot. Take care of yourself! BLINK ♥.”

In the pictures, ROSÉ looks gorgeous sitting down at a grass sports field and riding on a bike looking very athletic.

People posted favorable comments such as “Are these really taken by LISA? She should be a professional photographer”, “ROSÉ has charming looks and a charming voice♥”, and “Take care of yourself in the hot summer.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK released “As If It’s Your Last” last month, and the song became No.1 on US Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart.

Source: Donga via YG-Life