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[YG-LIFE] 170514 BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ Does a Cover of “REALLY REALLY” and Shows Off her Unique Fresh Voice

BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ revealed a video of her doing a cover of WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY”.

BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ and YG Entertainment head YANG HYUN SUK posted a video of ROSÉ doing a guitar cover of WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” on their Instagram page on May 14. The hashtag “fabulous voice tone” well describes ROSÉ’s performance in the video. 

The video is a little blurry as if it was recorded by a cellphone, but viewers can easily notice ROSÉ’s cute smile and clear voice. ROSÉ works her lovely charm and interprets “REALLY REALLY” in her own unique way, and it really is a wonderful surprise present for the fans. 

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[YG-LIFE] 170430 “Spring spring spring”… BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ Becomes a Fairy in the woods

BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ transformed into a fairy in the woods.

On April 30, a picture was posted along with the comment “spring spring spring” on BLACKPINK’s official Instagram page.

The picture reveals ROSE standing in front of a tree.She looks like a mystic fairy in the woods.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK released an EP in November last year, and the title track was “PLAYING WITH FIRE”.

Source: YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170428 BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ and LISA Show Off their Fairy-like Charm

BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ and LISA showed off their fairy-like charm.

On April 28, pictures were posted on BLACKPINK’s official page along with the comment “BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ and LISA, our two youngest members, we missed you.”

In the pictures, ROSÉ is wearing a sheer lilac-colored dress, showing off her slender figure. LISA is pretty as usual wearing a blouse with heart prints and a black skirt.

In one picture, they are hugging each other, and in the other one, they are doing the same pose in front of the camera, looking so fresh.

BLACKPINK emerged as the next hot Korean girl group with global popularity after their songs such as “WHISTLE”, “BOOMBAYAH”, and “PLAYING WITH FIRE” became big hits last year.

Source: YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170326 Circus Girl in “King of Mask Singer” Turns Out to be BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ

It turned out that Circus Girl in “King of Mask Singer” was BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ.

The March 5 episode of MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” featured four masked singers trying to stop Cat in Boots’ fourth win.

Circus Girl and Singing Genius Kim Tak-gu were the second team to compete in the second round.

170326 mbc king of masked singer circus girl rose

Circus Girl sang Jung Seung-hwan’s “If It Is You” and showed off her deep and sexy voice. Her unique voice and emotion in her singing moved the hearts of the judges. Because Circus Girl’s Korean pronunciation was somewhat strange, some judges suspected that she was not a Korean.

Singing Genius Kim Tak-gu sang YB’s “Mint Candy”. He let off his rocker spirit from the very beginning. The audience stood up amazed by his charisma. As the song drew to a close, his energy became even stronger.

Yoo Young-suk commented, “Kim Tak-gu was able to sing powerfully without making rough sounds. It was incredible. In the first round, he was an R&B singer, and in this round, he became a rocker. My guess is that he’ll turn into a ballad singer in the next round.” About Circus Girl, Yoo Young-suk commented, “Her voice is amazing. But the enunciation was not so good. It seemed that she understood the melody and not the lyrics. But her voice was great. Her voice is like that of an animation character.”

Cho Jang-hyuk commented, “Kim Tak-gu has the rock spirit in him. Rock is a genre that you can do only when you have enough physical strength, enough practice, and power. He sure must have practiced a lot.”


BTOB’s Seo Eunkwang praised Circus Girl and said, “Circus Girl is from an idol group. I knew it from the moment I listened to her singing. I think she is the main vocalist. Her voice is very unique. I love the vibrations too.” About Kim Tak-gu, he commented, “The person that popped up in my head was Park Hyun-bin. Isn’t Kim Tak-gu Park Hyun-bin?” Kim Gura was sure that Kim Tak-gu was not Park Hyun-bin.

He said, “Circus Girl is like Bolbbalgan4’s Ahn Ji-young or SOO HYUN of AKMU. Not everyone falls in love with her from the very first moment. She is unique and the more you see her, the more you fall her. ” Lee Seung-woo said, “Pronouncing Korean words like English words has become a trend nowadays. Her voice color and the way she sings can really appeal to the public these days.”


Kim Tak-gu did an imitation of Park Hyo Shin and Jo Sung-mo and sang their “Good Person” and “Do You Know”. Circus Girl mimicked G-DRAGON and Britney Spears and made everyone in the audience laugh. Together, they also did a dance to Twice’s “Knock Knock”.


Kim Tak-gu won Circus Girl by 70 to 29 votes. Circus Girl took off her mask, and it turned out that she was BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ. When she was asked if her waist was really 19 inches, she said, “No person has a 19-inch waist. I recent measured my waist, and it was 24 inches.” Then, she sent a video letter to her mom and said with a hint of tears, “I’ll practice harder and become a great singer.”

Source: YG-Life

[SHOW] 170319~26 ‘Circus Girl’ ROSÉ on King of Masked Singer {FULL CUT + ENG SUB + CAPS}

{170319} Round 1: Circus Girl vs Street Food Tent
Performs Ricky Martin’s  “Livin’ La Vida Loca”









FULL CUT {With English Subtitles}

*turn on CC for English subtitles*

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[SHOW] 170111 MBC Radio Star Episode 509 with BLACKPINK Jisoo & Rosé + BewhY, DinDin & Zizo {ENGSUB | Raw Cuts | Torrent & SRT}

Raw Cuts (Playlist)

You can also watch them via Radio Star’s Naver TV Cast Channel (Playlist)

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