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[MAGAZINE] 180621 BLACKPINK for HIGH CUT Korea Volume 224

BLACKPINK’s diverse and colorful charms will be filling the pages of HIGHCUT magazine volume 224 which will be released on June 21. Check the photos + interview snippets revealed today below!


Q. What is the biggest difference between the BLACKPINK that just debuted, and the almost 3 year-old girl group BLACKPINK?
Jisoo: We developed a sense of responsibility to live up to our fans’ expectations. Before debuting, we sort of just felt like, ‘It would be great if we had fans’, or ‘Will people end up liking us?’. Now, we feel that we need to work exceedingly hard just to have one more person be satisfied. If we want to give a good showing of ourselves, even if we do it perfectly, we don’t know if it will 100% be conveyed properly on stage.

Q. At what point did you recently feel most grateful to your members?
Jennie: For a period of time, we each spent time separately. And now that we’ve suddenly gathered again for promotions, it’s as if a ‘unity switch’ was turned on, just like that. Even though we spent time apart, when we’re of the same mindset, we’re strong. Each member does everything she’s responsible for, so I’ve also developed a sense of responsibility.

Q. Was there a time when you missed Korea while you were promoting in Japan?
Lisa: There were some times when I wanted to eat Korean ramen. I like Japanese food, like sushi and tempura and don. But I sometimes think, ‘If only this ramen had kimchi, it would be perfect’.

Q. Please talke about what the other members mean to you.
Rosé: The members are extremely important people in my life. There are times when they’re there as friends, there are times when they’re there as family, and we can learn and grow from each other. When I’m having a tough time, I look for Jisoo unnie who lives in the room next door. I talk to my friend Lisa about the things we sympathize about. And when I need advice I look for Jennie unnie. We’re good influences to each other in many ways.

Source: Newsen
Translation by @black2dpink824

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[MAGAZINE] 180528 Lisa on Nylon Japan July 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)

180522 nylonjapan lisa

The popular group member, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, has finally come to cover our magazine! The limited edition Nylon web magazine which she covered (solo) became popular and got sold out as soon as it was released so it is expected that this month’s official solo cover will be sold out as well.

Inquiries flooded even before the launch. The ‘universe’ themed cover stories are delivered in 20 pages. As Lisa’s beautiful style stands out, her visuals are the ones that you want to watch forever, so not only the fans but also the people that will see her for the first time will be captivated. There will also be an interview and a double sided posted as an appendix. It is also a story where you will be stunned non -stop.

 Official Site:
Translation by @LISANATIONS_ | Revised by YGDreamers

First Solo Since Debut, #BLACKPINK Lisa, ‘NYLON JAPAN’ Official Cover

BLACKPINK Lisa will be a solo cover model for the first time since debut.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be the cover model for the July 2018 issue of ‘NYLON JAPAN’ set to be released on May 28th.

For the universe-themed project, Lisa will be wearing various colorful outfits. The issue will include 20 pages of fashion stories, a double poster appendix and Lisa’s interview titled ‘Girl Talk’ which you don’t usually hear.

On shooting the cover, Lisa conveyed her feelings and said “I was extremely nervous but worked hard to make good shots. It’s my first time doing a shoot w/ a universe concept so I was excited & it was really fun. It’s an honor to be in charge of the cover this time.”

Source: Herald Pop
Translation by YGDreamers

INTERVIEW: ‘Lisa’s Talk Room’


About Fashion

N: Do you have any standards on your summer fashion?
L: Yes. A dress, short pants!

N: I think you look good on short pants. You have really beautiful legs. Do you take care of it?
L: I tend to do a lot of sports. My trainer creates my training routine and I’ll do it.

N: It looks hard. Do you like sports?
L: I don’t really like it. 😂😂 But I do it for my health and shape up.

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[MAGAZINE] 180428 Lisa on Nicola Japanese Magazine June 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)




I find a genre that suits me and just practice it many times. When I was a student I went to school (maybe for dance or sing) and practice 5~6 hours. I love and listen to Black music and I got influenced by Rihanna a lot.


Do you have your own fashion rules?
I want my legs to look nice as it is so I try to avoid wearing white pants. I don’t also think about branded clothes that much. If I like the clothes, I will buy it. I do shopping a lot in Korea but I also use America’s online shopping frequently!

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[MAGAZINE] 180428 Lisa on Mini Japan Magazine June 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)



Q1. Who’s in your family?
Three people (myself, my dad, and my mom).

Q2. Blood type?

Q3. Where are you from?

Q4. What is your strong point?

Q5. What is your weak point?
Not being able to stay still.

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[MAGAZINE] 180320 BLACKPINK (With Other YGE Artists) on Elle Korea April 2018 Issue (INTERVIEW + SCANS + OFFICIAL PHOTOS)


ELLE: You’ve become <ELLE>’s muses and had a photoshoot with flowers. If you are going to gift someone flowers, what would it be?
Jisoo: I want to gift others my favorite (flower), Lily of the Valley.
Jennie: Yellow Hyacinth. It’s my birth flower (that represents my birthdate — January 16th).
Rosé: White Roses remind me of white chocolate. It lifts up your mood when you place it nearby so I would give them as gifts.
Lisa: Pink Roses as they give off both pure and lovely feeling.


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[MAGAZINE] 180221 Jennie on Elle Korea March 2018 Issue (SCANS + OFFICIAL PHOTOS)


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Scans by @199702ll

[IG] Update with BLACKPINK for Marie Claire Korea March 2018 Issue

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[MAGAZINE] 180221 Jisoo & Rosé on Ceci Korea March 2018 Issue (INTERVIEW + SCANS + OFFICIAL PHOTOS)


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Q: The fans are probably most curious about how is everyone is doing.

JS: In comparison to when preparing hurriedly for a comeback, it’s obviously better when there are more relaxation times. Thus, we’ve been putting a lot of care to our health. We’re practicing as well as having our free time. I used to play games and like reading cartoons, but recently I am drawing everyday. I was surfing the internet and coincidentally I’ve found a drawing book that you can follow easily.

RS: You draw? I didn’t know!

JS: It’s my personal secret. I’m so bad at drawing that I draw in secret when people aren’t looking.

RS: For me, my mother came to Seoul so thanks to her, I’m concentrating on my health. When we start promotions, your stamina is very important, so recently I’ve even started doing PT (Personal Training) too.

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