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[YG-LIFE] 170627 BLACKPINK Turns the World Pink with their Record-breaking YouTube Views and Topping All Chinese Charts

BLACKPINK is going viral globally. Their music video set a new record in YouTube views, and now their new song has topped all Chinese charts.

BLACKPINK released the song and music video of “As If It’s Your Last” at 6 PM on June 22. The song swept the online chart upon release. However, there something else that is phenomenal about the song, and that is the YouTube views of its music video.

Many were curious about how long it will take for BLACKPINK’s new music video to surpass the 10 million mark. Although BLACKPINK is only a rookie that debuted less than a year ago, the YouTube views of the group’s new music video went up as fast as that of a global star.

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[YG-LIFE] 170627 Why YANG HYUN SUK is Asking Favors to Have BLACKPINK on Knowing Bros

YG Entertainment CEO YANG HYUN SUK uploaded a meaningful post on his SNS page.

On June 27, YANG HYUN SUK posted a screenshot of a fan’s message on his Instagram page. The fan messaged that BLACKPINK should go on JTBC’s Knowing Bros, and YANG HYUN SUK replied by posting “I’m trying really hard. First time asking a favor in 17 years.”

Usually, YANG HYUN SUK doesn’t do work related to YG musician’s TV show appearances. However, it seems as if YANG HYUN SUK has actually stepped in this time to help BLACKPINK go on Knowing Bros.

혼신의노력중... 17년만에 처음부탁

A post shared by YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on

Although BLACKPINK’s debut was less than a year ago, the music video of the group’s new song “As If It’s Your Last” hit 37.47 million views in just 107 hours after its release. The music video posted 10 million views in 17 hours and 20 million in 47 hours. BLACKPINK has set a new record of surpassing the 30 million mark in the shortest time among K-pop groups. 

Upon comeback, BLACKPINK’s new song swept Korea’s real-time, daily and weekly charts and became No.1 on the New Songs Chart of QQ Music, China’s largest music steaming platform that has 40 billion monthly subscribers. BLACKPINK is also setting new records: it became the first K-pop group to have a single topping the iTunes chart in 18 countries and chosen as US Apple Music’s Best of the Week.

BLACKPINK put on its comeback stage on MBC’s Music Core on June 24. The group will be going on a number of music and variety shows and radio programs to promote their new song.

Source: YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170627 BLACKPINK Surpassed 30 Million Views Within Shortest-Ever Period of Time for a Korean Idol Group

Group BLACKPINK is continuing to set new records.

As of June 27 at 5:09AM, the music video of BLACKPINK’s new song “As If It’s Your Last” recorded 31,003,747 views within four and a half days (107 hours) of release, to prove BLACKPINK’s remarkable influence in the music scene.

BLACKPINK set the record of surpassing 10 million views within 17 hours, less than a day, of the release of their new music video and then 20 million views within 47 hours. Now that the video has surpassed 30 million views, BLACKPINK has set the record of the biggest number of views within the shortest-ever period of time for Korean idol group.

170627 blackpink aiiyl mv 30m views

BLACKPINK also swept the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of Korea upon their comeback. The team has also took No.1 on the new songs chart of QQ Music, China’s biggest music-streaming website and No.1 on the iTunes charts of 18 countries which is the biggest-ever number ever recorded by a K-pop girl group. BLACKPINK’s new single was also selected as the “Best of the Week” by American Apple Music, setting an unbelievably remarkable record for a rookie girl group.

BLACKPINK presented their first comeback performance in MBC “Music Center” show on June 24. BLACKPINK will continue to appear in TV music shows, entertainment shows, and radio shows.

Source: YG-Life


blackpink_ALBUM_170622 1000px

Event Date & Time: 2017.07.02 (SUN) 6:30PM ~
Location: Bundang AK Plaza 1F PLAZZA 360

How to enter:

  • Fans must purchase BLACKPINK ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ MD @ POP-UP STORE or Soundwave (Bundang) store between the dates: 2017.06.27 (TUE) ~ 2017.07.01 (SAT) 8PM.
  • Total of 120 winners (80 purchasers from BLACKPINK POP-UP STORE / 40 purchasers from Soundwave in Bundang) will be announced on 2017.07.01 (SAT) 10PM @ SOUND-WAVE
  • Please be aware that only the purchased MD’s can be signed. If you are selected to attend the event, please bring the MD that you have purchased.

Source: BLACKPINK Official Facebook Page | YGFamily Page

[YG-LIFE] 170625 BLACKPINK Becomes No.1 on QQ Music’s New Songs Chart, the only Korean Act in Top 10

BLACKPINK is going viral in China too.

As of 4 PM on June 25, BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” took the No.1 spot on QQ Music’s New Songs chart.


This is remarkable considering that BLACKPINK is the only Korean act who made it to the top ten.

QQ Music has more than 400 million monthly subscribers, and topping its charts means that an act is hugely popular in China.

US Apple Music also chose BLACKPINK’s new song as one of its Best of the Week. The girl group also topped the iTunes charts in 18 countries. Signaling BLACKPINK’s successful comeback, the music video of “As If It’s Your Last” surpassed 10 million views and 20 million views in the shortest time among all K-pop groups.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is to appear in a number of music shows, variety shows including Weekly Idol, and radio shows to promote their new single.

Source: YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170625 BLACKPINK’s Comeback Stage on SBS Inkigayo

G-DRAGON became No.1, and five acts including BLACKPINK, Monsta X, and Mamamoo made a comeback.

170625 gd inkigayo win

On June 25’s episode of SBS’s Inkigayo, G-DRAGON’s “UNTITLED” became No.1 winning against Bolbbalgan4’s “We Loved” and NCT127’s “Cherry Bomb”.

G-DRAGON has not gone on a single music show, but he won his fifth trophy with his new song following the ones he won in MBC’s Show Music core and SBS’s Inkigayo last week.

There were also impressive comeback stages. Mamamoo sang “Yes I Am”, a song that is as exciting as a musical number, and BLACKPINK showed off their cute and fresh side with “As If It’s Your Last”.

170625 blackpink mamamoo monstax inkigyao

Monsta X performed “Shine Forever” with fierce charisma, Park Jae-jung sang his sweet song “Focus”, and Nine Muses showed off their sexy charm while singing “Remember”.

Meanwhile, FT Island, iKON, Astro, Monsta X, Mamamoo, BLACKPINK, Nine Muses, Park Jae-jung, DAY6, Cosmic Girls, Map6, Pentagon, Momoland, Alice, and Lee Si-un performed on the show on June 25.

Source: YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170625 Meaning of BLACKPINK’s Music Video Setting New Records of “the First, the Shortest Time, and the Highest”

BLACKPINK has set new records again of being the first, recording the highest number of views, and doing so in the shortest time. Only three days have passed since BLACKPINK released its new song “As If It’s Your Last”, and the group is already breaking records.

The music video views alone show that BLACKPINK is a monster rookie. In just five months after its release, the music video of “BOOMBAYAH” surpassed 10 billion views, and the music videos of “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “WHISTLE” surpassed the same mark in April.

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