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[INTERVIEW] 170724 Osen: Waiting Room Attack – SBS Inkigayo MCs JinJiDo

GOT7 Jinyoung, BLACKPINK Jisoo, NCT Doyoung, who are in charge of hosting SBS ‘Inkigayo’, are all well-known idols. As much as the big amount of love they receive, they’re also pressed by their busy schedules. However, the three of them presented themselves well with the fans, actively promoting and doing what they like. People naturally smile when they see the bright and healthy appearances of these 3.

Like the meaning of the word idol, they are subject of envy. Jinyoung, Jisoo and Doyoung who we met on the 23rd at the ‘Inkigayo’ set have visuals that are unchangingly dazzling. While the three of them keep joking around and laughing, we felt the joy of people who love what they are doing.


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[INFO] 170724 2017 Busan One Asia Festival Reveals 2nd Line-Up, BLACKPINK Confirmed to Attend

170724 busan one asia festval line up blackpink

Busan Asiad Stadium

Date & Time:
October 22, 2017
6:00PM KST ~ 10:00PM KST


LINE UP (Still subject to change)


Source: Busan One Asia Festival Official Site | Facebook Page

[NEWS] 170722 BLACKPINK Places 6th on July Singer Brand Reputation Rankings

The Korean Business Research Institute revealed their November brand reputation rankings for singers. Their findings are based on 86,156,392 pieces of data collected from June 20 to July 21 of 2017. The data measures various indexes including participation (brands the celebrity has participated in/product consumption), media (media marketing worth), communication (ability to communicate with public) , and community (community’s perception of them/social marketing worth) to determine their brand reputation.

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[EVENT] 170720 BLACKPINK’s Japan Premium Debut Showcase


A/N: LINE LIVE displayed a 2-pane live stream.

Credit: 데일리 연예 뉴스 Daily Entertainment news

The full video below only shows the upper screen.


Chronological Summary: cuts, translations, fantakens, press taken and other information about the showcase, please see below

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blackpink_ALBUM_170622 1000px

In order to celebrate the release of BLACKPINK’s single ’AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST,’ BLACKPINK members will be giving out ice cream to fans!

We will be giving out coupons @ BLACKPINK POP-UP STORE during a given period.
Please show much love and support.

If you are interested in the event, please refer to the information below.

How to enter:

  • Fans must visit the BLACKPINK POP-UP STORE between the dates 2017.06.29 (THU) 2PM ~ 2017.07.01 (SAT) 6PM to receive coupons to the event.
  • Total of 300 coupons will be given out during this period (There are daily limits for the coupons in each of the 3 days).
  • Only 1 coupon will be given out per person and fans cannot receive tickets for others. Since the coupons are limited, please make sure you can attend the event before deciding to receive the coupon.
  • Please listen to the instructions of the staff members at the event as numbers will be given out in the order of arrival. Also be aware that the attendees of the event may have to wait for a period of time depending on the situation. Thank you.

[YG-LIFE] 170627 BLACKPINK Turns the World Pink with their Record-breaking YouTube Views and Topping All Chinese Charts

BLACKPINK is going viral globally. Their music video set a new record in YouTube views, and now their new song has topped all Chinese charts.

BLACKPINK released the song and music video of “As If It’s Your Last” at 6 PM on June 22. The song swept the online chart upon release. However, there something else that is phenomenal about the song, and that is the YouTube views of its music video.

Many were curious about how long it will take for BLACKPINK’s new music video to surpass the 10 million mark. Although BLACKPINK is only a rookie that debuted less than a year ago, the YouTube views of the group’s new music video went up as fast as that of a global star.

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[YG-LIFE] 170627 Why YANG HYUN SUK is Asking Favors to Have BLACKPINK on Knowing Bros

YG Entertainment CEO YANG HYUN SUK uploaded a meaningful post on his SNS page.

On June 27, YANG HYUN SUK posted a screenshot of a fan’s message on his Instagram page. The fan messaged that BLACKPINK should go on JTBC’s Knowing Bros, and YANG HYUN SUK replied by posting “I’m trying really hard. First time asking a favor in 17 years.”

Usually, YANG HYUN SUK doesn’t do work related to YG musician’s TV show appearances. However, it seems as if YANG HYUN SUK has actually stepped in this time to help BLACKPINK go on Knowing Bros.

혼신의노력중... 17년만에 처음부탁

A post shared by YANG HYUN SUK (@fromyg) on

Although BLACKPINK’s debut was less than a year ago, the music video of the group’s new song “As If It’s Your Last” hit 37.47 million views in just 107 hours after its release. The music video posted 10 million views in 17 hours and 20 million in 47 hours. BLACKPINK has set a new record of surpassing the 30 million mark in the shortest time among K-pop groups. 

Upon comeback, BLACKPINK’s new song swept Korea’s real-time, daily and weekly charts and became No.1 on the New Songs Chart of QQ Music, China’s largest music steaming platform that has 40 billion monthly subscribers. BLACKPINK is also setting new records: it became the first K-pop group to have a single topping the iTunes chart in 18 countries and chosen as US Apple Music’s Best of the Week.

BLACKPINK put on its comeback stage on MBC’s Music Core on June 24. The group will be going on a number of music and variety shows and radio programs to promote their new song.

Source: YG-Life