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[RADIO] 170726 BLACKPINK on MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon


Credit: ei tea

LIVE – ‘As If It’s Your Last’


[RADIO] 170717 BLACKPINK on KBS Cool FM Park Myungsoo’s Radio Show

A/N: The episode was recorded on 7/11 and was broadcasted on 7/17.

FULL RAW (Audio Only)

Credit: kyahaha blink

Click HERE to view Park Myungsoo’s Instagram post with BLACKPINK


[INSTAGRAM] 170711 Park Myungsoo Shares a Photo with BLACKPINK

170711 dj_gpark with blackpink

넘넘 좋아하는 블랙핑크^^♡ 담주 라디오 월요일기대만발 #블랙핑크

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TRANS: With BLACKPINK whom I really really like^^♡ Please look foward to the radio next Monday

Translation by @poopheyy

[RADIO] 170710 BLACKPINK on MBC FM4U Jung Yumi’s FM Date


Credit: OW N

170710 ymfmdate with blackpink

[#정유미의FM데이트-20170710] FM데이트 최초의 걸그룹🙈 2주 연속으로 1위에 빛나는 대세 오브 대세! 블랙핑크 네 분과 함께 했어요☺️ 윰디에게 윰블디(!)라는 신박한 별명을 지어준 지수씨, 조곤조곤 말을 너무 예쁘게 하는 제니씨 '눈물'이라는 얘기만 해도 울먹거리던 소녀 로제씨 그리고 파이팅 넘치던 막내 리사씨까지! 네 분 모두 어쩜 이렇게 러블리하던지요💕 게다가 쩌렁쩌렁한 성량으로 라이브까지 펄펙👍 못하는 게 1도 없는 완벽한 네 분이었답니다. - 7개월만에 팬들과 만나 너무 기쁘다던 팬바보 네분☺️ 앞으로도 쭉쭉- 1위 하시고, 더 많은 분들에게 블랙핑크의 노래를 들려주세요❤️ . . #MBC #라디오 #정유미 #FM데이트 #블랙핑크 #blackpink #지수 #제니 #로제 #리사 #마지막처럼 #세상예쁨 #존예보스 #졸귀 #넷다비율난리남 #젠츄리챙

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[RADIO] 170707 Lisa & Rosé on SBS Power FM Bae Sungjae’s Ten

A/N: The episode was recorded on 7/3 and was broadcasted on 7/7.

FULL RAW (Audio Only)

Rosé wrote:
▶️ganjang gaejang (should be ganjang gejang = raw crab marinated in soysauce)
▶️kimchijjigae (kimchi stew)
▶️ojingeo jeotgal bokkeum (spicy stir fried squid)

Lisa wrote:
▶️dalkbal (chicken feet)
▶️samgaetang (should be samgyetang = ginseng chicken soup)
▶️tteokbokki (spicy stir fried rice cakes)

[YG-LIFE] 170708 BLACKPINK Takes Variety Shows and the Music Scene by Storm

BLACKPINK is flying high. The group is still setting new records, and thanks to its frequent TV show appearances, people are getting to really like the group. BLACKPINK is indeed on the road to fame.

Last month, BLACKPINK released “As If It’s Your Last” and promised that they will not keep themselves under the veil anymore and appear more on TV shows. Since then, BLACKPINK has appeared in a number of TV and radio shows including MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idol and SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwajung’s Power Time.


Now, the group is about to go on JTBC’s Knowing Bros. On July 8, OSEN published an exclusive report announcing this news, and fans sent fervent responses. It’s no surprise as this is the hottest idol group meets the hottest variety show.

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[RADIO] 170707 BLACKPINK on SBS Power FM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time

LIVE – As If It’s Your Last

What are your nicknames?


Credit: ei tea

#블랙핑크#지수#제니#로제#리사 #최화정의파워타임 💕

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