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[SHOW] 170813 BLACKPINK on SBS Park Jinyoung (JYP)’s Party People Episode 4

BLACKPINK came on the show as guests with CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa. This was filmed last July 31st 2017.




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[SHOW] 170805 BLACKPINK on JTBC Knowing Brothers


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[SHOW] 170729 YG Sitcom: ‘YG Strategy Center’ Preview

This is a preview of YG’s upcoming sitcom ‘YG Strategy Center’ headed by ‘God of Music’ PD Park Joon Soo. Setting is at YG building showing how the artists work or what they do. Filming is on September and is planning to be aired on November 2017. Broadcast schedule (time & date) as well as & network/channel where it will be aired are still undecided. It’s also reported that most if not all the ‘singers/musicians’ will participate in this sitcom.

Official (Raw/Unsubbed)

With English Subtitles

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[SHOW] Jisoo on MBC King of Masked Singer

Jisoo appeared on the show as a celebrity judge.

{170723} Episode 121


Also available on NaverTV

Before the show started comedianne/gag woman Shin Bong Sun shared a photo with Jisoo from the filming of the show


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Translation by @poopheyy

g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung also uploaded a collage of photos of the celebrity judges including Jisoo from the set of ‘King of the Masked Singer’

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Jisoo appeared a lot showing different reactions and expression. However, she has only commented on 1 pair which is ‘Fruit Bingsu (Shaved Ice Dessert)’ vs ‘Parasol/Beach Umbrella’

-full cut to be uploaded soon-

For spoilers and live streaming updates during the airing of the show, you check the thread linked below!

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{170730} Episode 122


[SHOW] 170720 BLACKPINK on SBS ‘Style Follow’

FULL RAW (Openload)

Also available on NaverTV (Playlist)


Also available on NaverTV

[SHOW] BLACKPINK on Japan’s Nippon TV ‘ZIP!’

BLACKPINK will be having an interview at Japanese morning show, ZIP!It a show airing on Nippon TV from Mondays~Fridays at 5:50AM~8:00AM JST.