Jennie Kim (김제니)

Position: Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: January 16, 1996
Languages: Korean, English and Japanese
Nationality: Korean (lived in New Zealand)
Education: ACG Parnell College (New Zealand)

Instagram: @jennierubyjane

More interesting facts about Jennie:

  • Jennie was featured in a special documentary of MBC when she was 10 years old.
  • She has pet dogs named Kai and Kuma.
  • Jennie becomes Chanel Korea’s ambassador in 2018.

Teaser Photos:
Who’s That Girl???
Member #1 : JENNIE

YG Trainee Video:
Strange Clouds (B.o.B feat Lil Wayne cover)
Lotus Flower Bomb (Wale feat. Miguel cover)


Featurings/Appearances (Predebut):
MBC Documentary on Korean Children Living/Studying Abroad at Age 10
2012 – G-Dragon – “그XX (That XX)” MV
2013 – Lee Hi feat. Jennie Kim – “Special” (“First Love” Album)
2013 – Seungri feat. Jennie Kim (지지베) – “GG BE” (“Let’s Talk About Love” Mini Album)
2013 – Seungri feat. Jennie Kim (지지베) – “GG BE” (“Let’s Talk About Love” Japanese version)
2013 – G-Dragon feat. Jennie Kim – “Black” (“Coup D’Etat” Album)

Live Performances (Predebut):
09.08.12: G-Dragon feat. Jennie Kim – “Black” on SBS Inkigayo
09.12.12: G-Dragon feat. Jennie Kim – “Black” on Mnet MCountdown
10.13.12: G-Dragon feat. Jennie Kim – “Black” on SBS Inkigayo

Solo Releases:
11.12.2018: SOLO

Live Performances (Solo Debut):

11.25.2018 SBS InkigayoDebut: SOLOLINKLINK
12.01.2018MBC Music CoreDebut: SOLOLINKLINK
12.02.2018SBS InkigayoSOLOLINKLINK
12.08.2018MBC Music CoreSOLOLINKLINK
12.09.2018SBS InkigayoSOLOLINKLINK
12.15.2018MBC Music CoreSOLOLINKLINK
12.16.2018SBS InkigayoGoodbye: SOLOLINKLINK

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