[NEWS] 120903 New Face to Be Featured on G-Dragon’s Track, Still a Mystery


The sixth member of YG’s new girlgroup’s silhouette has been revealed. On G-Dragon’s solo album track “결국” (“In the End”), another member from YG’s new girlgroup will be featured. The face, name,age, nationality, any personal information remains undisclosed, but the possibility that the girl is from YG’s new girlgroup is a big state.

On the 3rd of September, track list for G-Dragon’s new album, “One of a Kind” has been announced through YG Entertainment’s official blog, YG-life. The track that has received the most number of attention is the third track entitled “결국”. The person to be featured on the track was unspecified and was noted by a question mark which aroused curiosity.

Initially, the ‘?’ girl to be featured is known to be one of the five girls that were announced previously. But according to a representative from YGE, the ‘?’ girl is a “new face” and is someone who was never been introduced to the public. On the 4th, a representative said (through Dispatch), “It’s not a member that we have introduced before. The one involved in here is a completely different and new face.”

Another representative stated, “So far, it has not been finalized yet if how many among the girls who were revealed to the public would make up the group. It may consist six or seven members, it may also be in contrast to a quartet or quintet.”

Meanwhile, the final silhouettes for the new girl group will be revealed sometime around this year. Regarding the final number of members, only the representatives know.

Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

[INFO] 120903 G-Dragon’s 1st Mini Album Tracklist Revealed, Member of YG New Girl Group Featured On ‘In The End’

YG Entertainment releases the track list of G-Dragon’s first mini album that will be released online on September 15 and offline on September 18. Garnering the attention of the media, it has been also revealed that he will feature a member of YG Entertainment’s new girl group in his album with the song entitled 결국 (In The End).

Many are speculating that it is Jennie Kim, who featured in G-Dragon’s new music video, “That XX”. There are also rumors that it will be former Superstar K2 contestant, Kim Eunbi and the second mystery girl.

However, there has been no official announcements yet.

Photo Source: YG-Life

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