[YG-LIFE] 160629 YG’s new girl group has confirmed to be “BLACKPINK” with four members… TEDDY is the dedicated producer


YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s next girl group has confirmed to be “BLACKPINK” with four members.

According to the official announcement made on YG’s official blog on June 29, YG’s new girl group to be launched eight years after 2NE1 is named “BLACKPINK”, with four members of JENNIE, JISOO, LISA, and ROSÉ who have been unveiled so far.


The average age of the four members of BLACKPINK is 19. They joined YG as trainees at the age of 13 to 15 and have been trained hard for four to six years. Therefore, they are the most talented trainees of YG, according to insiders.

According to a high-ranking insider of YG, the new girl group was originally supposed to have total nine members. However, two years ago, YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK changed the plan to make four of them debut first.


Even though what YANG has in his mind is not clear as of now, the rest of the five trainees are still working at YG. So, it is known that YG people regard BLACKPINK as a unit of the new girl group to make debut first.

YANG HYUN SUK designated YG’s main producer TEDDY who have taken part in producing of many hit songs of BIGBANG and 2NE1 as the dedicated producer for BLACKPINK. TEDDY has been working on writing the lyrics and melody of all the songs of BLACKPINK as well as producing for the past two years, to recently complete the debut album.


An YG insider explained about the name “BLACKPINK”, saying, “’BLACKPINK’ has a meaning of a little bit twist for the pink color which is usually thought to be a pretty color. The message it conveys is that ‘Being pretty is not enough’. So, the team name suggests that this team has both pretty appearance and talent as an artist”.

Plus, just as special products are “black-labeled”, “BLACKPINK” means the special quality of the new girl group.


YG is now concentrating on the final touch to the preparation for BLACKPINK’s successful debut, including choreography for the debut song worked by four famous foreign choreographers.

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[NEWS] 160622 YG Reveals Teasers For New Girl Group Member Rosé


YG Entertainment has revealed their fourth upcoming girl group member, Rosé!

The agency has revealed that Rosé turns 19 this year and was born in Australia. She passed an audition for YG at the age of 14 and has been a trainee for five years.

Rosé previously featured in G-Dragon’s song “Without You” which is included in his “One of a Kind” mini-album. At the time, the album only introduced her as “? of YG New Girl Group.”

The new girl group member is also skilled at playing the guitar, making fans excited about potential performances from her. Check out more of her teaser images HERE!

Source: Soompi

[YG-LIFE] 160622 The fourth member of YG’s new girl group is ROSÉ… Making debut after five years of training


From June 1, YG has been unveiling one member of its new girl group every week. Beginning from JENNIE on June 1, new member LISA and JISOO were unveiled on June 8 and 15, respectively. JENNIE and LISA drew all the more attention, as they have already gained recognition for their collaboration with YG artists. JISOO drew big attention for her outstanding beauty when she appeared in music videos and TV commercials.

YG officially announced that the new girl group will make debut in this July. The girl group is drawing keen attention, as they are the first YG girl group in seven years since the debut of 2NE1. The attention given to the girl group is growing further, as TEDDY is known to be the producer of the group.

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[YG-LIFE] 160622 Here are four girls of YG’s new girl group… Curiosity about the rest of the members is rising high

160622 ygngg

Now that the fourth member of the new girl group of YG Entertainment (“YG”), one of the biggest music labels in Korea, has been unveiled, the other three members who have been unveiled so far are drawing big attention, too.

On June 22, YG announced on the company’s official blog YG LIFE that the fourth member of the new girl group newly launched by YG for the first time in seven years since the debut of 2NE1 in 2009 is ROSÉ. Plus, YG unveiled seven photos of ROSÉ. In those photos, ROSÉ boasts outstanding beauty and charismatic eyes.

YG introduced ROSÉ as a Korean-Australian, saying, “ROSÉ was born in 1997, so she is 19 years old. She has been trained in Korea since 2012 when she passed YG audition”. YG added, “ROSÉ featured for ‘Without You’ of G-DRAGON’s mini-album ‘One of a Kind’. At that time, she was just introduced as ‘feat. ? of YG new girl group’ and the fact that the featuring artist was ROSÉ was not unveiled back then. So, she is now being unveiled four years after her featuring”.

The other three members of YG’s new girl group JENNIE, LISA, and JISOO who were unveiled before ROSÉ also boast versatile talents and eye-catching beauty.

JENNIE was born in 1996. She acted the title role of the music video of G-DRAGON’s solo song “That XX”, to boast her good looks in it. She is fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese.

LISA came from Thailand and she is 19 years old. LISA is also known to be a talented artist with eye-catching beauty. Her dance video has already surpassed six million views on YouTube. LISA is also fluent in not only Thai and Korean, but also English and Japanese.

JISOO was born in 1995. She boasts pure beauty and is known to be talented in dancing, singing, and acting. She has acted in the music video of “SPOILER+HAPPEN ENDING” of EPIK HIGH’s eighth full album released in 2014 and the video of HI X SUHYUN’s single “I’m Different”. She also drew big attention for her acting as a cameo in KBS 2TV’s drama series “Producers” aired last year.

While YG has been unveiling one member of its new girl group on every Wednesday starting from JENNIE unveiled on June 1, the four members who have been unveiled so far boast outstanding beauty and versatile talents, so people’s curiosity about YG’s new girl group is growing high.

In the meantime, YG has already announced that TEDDY, one of the head producers of YG, will be in charge of the new girl group’s debut song and album. However, no information about the number of members of the group and the name of the team has been unveiled so far.

Source: YG-Life

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