[NEWS] 120829 YG Entertainment Gives Info About New Girl Group’s Debut

YG’s new girl group which became a hot issue after the release of the members’ faces will officially debut this October.

The girls are all under 20 years old, and they are Kim Eun Bi (born 1993) who rose to the top 6 on ‘Super Star K2‘ in 2010, *Yoona Kim (born 1994) who displayed her talents on ‘Super Star K3‘, two ‘mystery girls’ in their teens who possess extreme beauty, and a 16-year old dance machine who is half Korean and half Caucasian.

Though YG has not disclosed specific details about the group, this is the first girl group YG is debuting in 3 years and 5 months since introducing 2NE1, and thus the expectations of industry insiders and fans alike are extremely high.

YG informed StarNews, “We cannot disclose any specific information including the total number of members, however, as of now we plan to debut them in October.”

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Source & Image: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate

*based on YG’s official practice clip, it is spelled as Euna*

[NEWS] 120813 YGE Reveals Album Release Plans for Su Pearls, New Girl Group, and 2NE1

120813 SuPearls ygngg 21

YG Entertainment dropped some additional info on their upcoming two girl groups as well as 2NE1’s approximate album release date.

On August 13, YGE spoke with local media Star News and said, “Su Pearls will debut in September, while our other new girl group will debut in October.”

Su Pearls is the four member girl group formed by contestants from SBS “K-Pop Star.” They will replace Park Ji Min with the runner up Lee Ha Yi, since Park Ji Min signed with JYP Entertainment after winning the show, but the other three members, Lee Michelle, Lee Seung Joo, and Lee Jung Mi, will remain the same.

Although they trained together for a very short time, Yang Hyun Suk said he believes Su Pearls are ready to debut in September. Also, he said he wanted to debut the group as early as possible in order to show his appreciation to all the “K-Pop Star” fans.


Shortly after Su Pearls’ debut, YGE will showcase their much anticipated new girl group. No word has come out regarding their group name, but YGE has released the profile of the five members through its official blog, YG-Life, over the last few months. It’s still unclear what the new girl group will look like, but since it’s their first girl group in three and a half years since 2NE1’s debut, fans and the press are eagerly waiting to see them.

“We still can’t reveal the actual number of members, but we’re aiming for an October debut,” YGE told Star News.

The report added YGE is looking to release several more albums before the end of this year, including G-Dragon’s solo album, PSY’s new single, and Epik High’s new album. It also added 2NE1’s new album will come out around October this year.

Source: Soompi

[NEWS] 120804 Possible Information Revealed Regarding YG’s New Girl Group

120804 ygngg

Music fans have been patiently waiting months for some information to be released on YG Entertainment’s newest girl group. During that time, minimal knowledge and a few practice videos were made public which caused many to speculate about the new group.

A recent post made to an online community site created quite a buzz online. The post displayed a supposed teaser image revealing information on the group. The teaser images were, allegedly, posted by accident. According to the image the group’s name will be TLC-F. Hypothetically, the group’s name pays tribute to girl groups of the past as, the TLC comes from the American female hip-hop group from the 90’s and the F for classic K-Pop girl group Fin.K.L. A statement from an unknown poster further explained, “TLC-F will be a combination of a hip-hop and a feminine style group. The first teaser will be released on September 2 followed by a second on September 10. The album along with the debut track’s MV will be released on September 25.”

120804 ygngg2 tlc-f

The image also reveals the group’s album title to be “250% Percent.” The album’s title track is said to be “Game 2 Play,” which is rumored to feature Big Bang’s Daesung in the music video. According to YG Entertainment’s Wikipedia page, they will make their debut after SuPearls, the agency’s other rookie girl group, and Epik High‘s highly anticipated comeback.

120804 ygngg3 250percent

Another post revealed what appeared to be two album covers (a regular and limited edition version) along with a track-list for the debut album. The tentative track-list shows YG’s hit-maker Teddy to be responsible for the music.

120804 ygngg4 album

Currently, nothing has been confirmed by YG Entertainment. Though this wouldn’t be the first time the company has used unconventional methods to promote their acts. What are your thoughts on the information? Is this the work of anxious fans? Are you excited or skeptical?

120804 ygngg5

Source: Soompi

[NEWS] 120702 YGE to Debut Two New Girl Groups in September?

120702 su-pearls

The K-Pop rumor mill has been in full swing lately regarding YG Entertainment’s new girl groups. The latest rumor says YG is working on two girl groups, Su Pearls and YG’s own version of Girls’ Generation, under the goal of debuting them in September.

According to industry experts, YGE was indeed going to debut their own version of the Girls’ Generation. That’s why they revealed photos of five new trainees, including Kim Eunbi, Yuna Kim, and Jenny Kim, through their official blog earlier this year.

However, their plan hit a roadblock after YGE decided to bring in Su Pearls from SBS “K-Pop Star,” comprised of Lee Ha Yi, Michelle Lee, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo. Although the original member Park Ji Min signed with JYP Entertainment, YGE found a replacement in Lee Ha Yi, and Su Pearls were reported to be training under the goal of debuting in September as well. But most agencies don’t debut two new groups in the same month, so questions kept arising about the schedule of the two girl groups.

To get a clear answer on this, local media Sports Chosun caught up with Yang Hyun Suk recently, and asked when exactly the two groups are planning to debut.

“Nothing has been decided yet. We’re working extremely hard to make sure the group has a unique personality that stands out from the rest of the groups. But we’re not even sure if it’s going to be an eight member group or nine member group. We’ll probably get a better idea of the members one month before the release of their album,” Yang Hyun Suk was quoted as saying.

“For me, who’s managed Big Mama in the past, Su Pearls is a very special project. That’s why I’m directly involved with the group’s entire debut process. In fact, the YG version Girls’ Generation is all comprised of trainees, but Su Pearls has more big stage experience,” he added. “Both teams are working extremely hard now. The team that works harder will get to meet the fans first.”

We still have two months left till September, but the announcement can come out any time now. We’re expecting to find out in the next few weeks, after 2NE1 releases their album, but with YGE, you just never know what to expect. We’ll keep you posted on any breaking news, so keep checking back!

Source: Soompi

[NEWS] 120611 ‘Full-Scale Effect’ Teaser Law for Rookie Idol Groups


2012 is a cruel year for rookie idol groups. The reason being is that top-notch idol groups like Big Bang, 2AM, SHINee, ShinHwa, CNBlue and Miss A, who made a comeback all at the same time in spring, will also start with numerous activities this summer in order to reach out to the fans.

2NE1, f(x), Beast, and Infinite, who has already started with their promotions, will be focusing on their activities in mid-summer. As rookie idol groups, the chance of making a big break is small. This is one of the reasons why rookie idol groups have a rare chance to stand out from the rest this year.

Because of this, the agencies have started going all-out in introducing rookie idol groups even before their official debut because it will be difficult for a group if the agencies won’t let even their names be known. Hence, the agencies pay special attention to teasers. Before debut, groups are gaining more interest for their photos and teasers containing information about the group.

YG Entertainment makes good use of teasers for their so-called ‘YG Girl Group’ who will be debuting soon. They became a sensation as YG’s head, Yang Hyun Suk, released photos and videos of the members one by one with the phrase ‘Who’s That Girl”.

The teasers created a huge impact as they were released just in time with Big Bang’s comeback and Yang Hyun Suk’s guest appearances. The members dominate the real time searches each time a teaser is released. They revealed a practice video of Kim Eunbi and Yuna Kim whose faces have already been known as they both have appeared in the show “Superstar K”. As for the other new members, releasing a photo highlighting their looks or a dance video showing their distinct features worked out pretty well. They showed each member’s personality without revealing any detailed information about them.

Before they even get to stand onstage, rookie idol groups are putting instense effort on the teasers in order for them to be remembered by the public. As of late, this summer will be the start of the most intense competition in the music industry. Will these rookie idol groups be able to survive? It will be interesting to predict whether these rookie idol groups will still be as sensational as when their teasers were revealed after making a debut. Get to know these promising idol groups from their teasers.

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Source: Yahoo! Korea
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meloncreme @ YGDreamers

[NEWS] 120514 Before the Race Even Starts: How YG Introduces New Girl Group


YG Entertainment has totally embraced keeping things mysterious when it comes to their latest girl group. They’ve left nothing but breadcrumb-sized bites of information here and there over the last month, with only the first two members of the group have been introduced and confirmed. Super Star Kcompetitors Euna Kim and Kim Eunbi are in, we think, but only because photos with captions that read, “Who’s that girl??” have been released, imply that they could be potential members.

Considered one of the “Big Three” agencies, YG already has a reputation. So fans sense that YG must have something special on their hands for them to remain so tight-lipped about their new girl group. And of course, as a result, the “bread” at the end of the crumb trail seems all the more desirable. This method is obviously working. Just minutes after photos appeared on the YG Life Blog, this new mysterious group of girls immediately became the most popular topic on Korean search engines.

It’s so easy to fade into the background as a pre-debut rookie, when you’re barely a drop in the ocean when it comes to Korean dance/pop scene. There are just so many other soloists, bands and groups with a potentially similar visual or music aesthetic. However, fortunately for JJ Project, A-JAX and YG’s new girl group, their agencies are forward-thinking, providing them with the best head-starts they possibly can before official debut activities get underway.

Source: MTVK & ilove2NE1girls

[NEWS] 120514 Appearance is the Major Criteria for YG’s New Girlgroup?


Head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk gradually reveals the realities behind the girl group they are currently gearing.

The company’s official blog has been a great weapon to reveal the confirmed members for their upcoming girl group. Up until now, there are already 5 members revealed, yet the identities of the two “mystery girls” aren’t disclosed. Earlier, it has been announced to the public that the girls who appeared on MNET’s “Superstar K”, Euna Kim and Kim Eunbi will be a part of this team.

As YG teased fans with his sole technique, fans show greater interest unto them. The appearance of the members of this group evokes the topic that they are likely to become 2NE1 who appeared in the music industry just like an “Eye of the Storm”.

◇Keyword 1 – Number of 9?
The first keyword for YG’s new representative girl girl group is “Number of 9″. According to YG officials, the cast of this girl group has been completed, and it will have up to 7 members. But they added, Yang Hyun Suk has the thought to make this group a nine-member team.

An official from YG Entertainment revealed that”Yang Hyun Suk has confirmed that this group will have seven members. He just created a synthetic situation that this group will have 9 members. But, there’s a possibility that this team will have 9 members.” The officials also explained that this group is estimated to debut by September.

On the girl group market, “9” is a meaningful number. For several years now, girl groups with 9 members dominates the music industry and gain much popularity and attention from the public, and a great example is SM Entertainment’s girl group, Girls Generation. Creating new girl groups with a similar number like Girl s Generation is not an easy task, especially you have to combine good looks with talent.

It has also been specified that they will hold their debut on September. Typically for the music scene, prior to the end of promotions, it’s the time when rookies attract the most attention. It has been a belief that if they start promoting in spring or summer, there will be a fresh appeal, but if they start doing activities by winter, the time is too short and they won’t be able to meet people’s expectation.

Another representative from YG Entertainment said, “We are considering the fact that we can give the strongest impression for YG’s new girl group if they will get started by autumn season, so we picked the month of September.

◇Keyword 2 – Appearance first?
Meanwhile, officials often say “YG doesn’t look at the appearance”. Bigbang and 2NE1 grew with stereotyped personality and the members has outstanding abilities, which made them stand out on the music industry. However, the officials said that the outside appearance has also been the major criteria for this group. An official explicated, “As for Bigbang and 2NE1, we considered people’s selection, and not the looks. But this time, it’s the other way around. We consider the appearance of the members first.” They also added “We will not make this group the same style as 2NE1, cuz’ it’s no fun. We would like to see for once that this group is competing with existing beautiful girl groups.”

◇Keyword 3 – Own Color, Skills
They have explained that they considered the outside appearance first for this girl group, but there’s no way that skills won’t be emphasized. Recently, a dance video of the 5th member of YG’s new girl group was exposed to the public. Her professional way of dancing aroused fascination. It has also been said that the other members are a combination of both singing and dancing skills.

Another official from YG finalized “We picked out beautiful girls because it’s the trend, but there’s no way that their abilities are lacking.”

Source: Nate
Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

[NEWS] 120514 YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group seems to parallel 2NE1?

120514 ygngg_2NE1

YG Entertainment recently revealed yet another ‘mystery girl’.

On May 11th, YG Entertainment released a video teaser featuring a potential member of the agency’s upcoming girl group on the YG-Life Blog. The new mystery girl seems to have outstanding dancing skills and, according to reports by media and fans, is rumored to be a 16-year-old half Caucasian and half Korean trainee from Thailand.

With three ‘mystery girls’ in total, including Kim Eunbi and Euna Kim, who were already known to the public through Mnet’s ‘Superstar K’, it seems like the members and overall structure of the new upcoming group shows several similarities to 2NE1, who made a powerful and impacting debut into the Korean music industry in 2009.

First, despite her young age of only 17, Kim Eunbi was one of the Top 6 finalists in 2010’s ‘Superstar K2’. Many are anticipating that she will most likely be the main vocal or the ‘Park Bom’ of this new group. During the second season of ‘Superstar K’, Eunbi showed her quirky and honest personality that captured the hearts of many male fans, which seems similar to 2NE1 Park Bom’s four-dimensional and dorky personality.

In addition, Euna Kim, who showed her talents and rapping skills in ‘Superstar K3’ last year, could be connected to 2NE1’s CL. Euna Kim proved her potential and capabilities in rapping through her cover of Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold” with Kim Eunbi. Other than that, her English proficiency and background in the United States seem to be similar to CL.

The second ‘mystery girl’, who was revealed on May 4th, gained attention from the public through her innocent and beautiful appearance. Although there hasn’t been much information revealed about this member, many are speculating her to be handling the ‘visual’ role of the group, which reminds us of 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

It has been said that the third ‘mystery girl’ revealed on the 11th is one of the best dancers from YG, with a fantastic sense of rhythm and powerful moves. Although she is only 16 years old, the video clip revealed shows her flexibility and skills in dancing to fast beats. This member seems to parallel with the ‘dancing-machine’ and the youngest member of 2NE1, Minzy.

These 16-20 year old girls have been taking away the search rankings on various Korean portal sites each time they were revealed through the YG-Life Blog. It seems like the marketing strategy by YG to reveal each ‘mystery girl’ one by one to build up anticipation has been a success so far.

Recently, there have been many girl groups making their debut in the industry. However, this upcoming girl group from YG Entertainment has been gaining a huge amount of attention from the media and public despite the fact that only a few members have been revealed. This is incredibly similar to when 2NE1 made their debut. 2NE1 transformed the definition of K-Pop girl groups, from innocent and cute looking to powerful hip-hop warriors. 2NE1 was a revolutionary group that swept the music charts during their debut, and now many are anticipating whether this new girl group will be able to follow in their footsteps.

YG has been trying to hide the personal information of these members and have been keeping them in complete ‘mystery’. With YG’s impressive marketing strategies, ability to set a new trend in the industry, and their top-class trainees, many are excited to see what this new group will bring to the K-Pop world.

Source: Allkpop

[NEWS] 120513 YG Upcoming Girl Group 5th Member’s Dancing Skills Comparable to Gong Minzy’s?


5th Member of YG’s Upcoming Girlgroup – Outstanding Dancing Skills Comparable to 2NE1’s Gong Minzy’s?

YG Entertainment has unveiled the 5th member of the new girlgroup they’re preparing.

On the 11th, YG posted a video through their official blog with another “Who’s that girl” tease,and the girl was dancing to an upbeat music.

The girl was spotted wearing baggy shirt and fitting shorts, and is preoccupied by dancing. She showed off her spectacular dancing skills including intense poppin, and wave.

YG agency officials revealed a statement regarding this mysterious girl with exceptional dancing skills, “This girl has eccentric dancing abilities. Though it’s difficult to compare her skills to our female artists with outstanding dancing skills too like Gong Minzy, i think her skills are comparable enough.”

They also added, “A few details about the debut, overall concept and plans to unveil in the future. The whole process regarding the debut is secretly in progress as of now.

Prior to this, YG already introduced the four other members for this group, which includes Kim Eunbi, Yuna Kim, and two other mystery girls.

Source: Nate
Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

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