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[OFFICIAL] BLACKPINK – Music Videos Short Japanese Versions for Japan Debut

Japan Premium Debut Showcase: 7.20.2017
Japan Debut Mini Album Release : 8.30.2017




STAY (JP Ver.)


[YG-LIFE] 170411 BLACKPINK’s “PLAYING WITH FIRE” MV Posts 100 million Views in Addition to “BOOMBAYAH”

The music video of BLACKPINK’s “PLAYING WITH FIRE” surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

On April 11, the official music video of BLACKPINK’s “PLAYING WITH FIRE” surpassed the 100 million mark by posting 100,003,127 views on YouTube in just five months after release.

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[NEWS] 161214 BLACKPINK’s ‘Playing With Fire’ is on British magazine Dazed’s “The 20 best K-Pop tracks of the year”

With groups like 2NE1 and Rainbow disbanding and a new generation of artists coming into their own, we look back at another busy year for South Korean music.

As the year comes to a close, there’ll be plenty of shellshocked K-Pop fans, wondering how the hell it got to be such a bumpy ride. Those who follow the artists in the YG Entertainment stable suffered a triple whammy of disappointment: Minzy leaving K-Pop’s fiercest girl group 2NE1, Nam Taehyun quitting the diverse-sounding boy group WINNER, followed by 2NE1 disbanding completely. They weren’t the only casualties of 2016, with long-established female groups Rainbow, KARA and 4Minute also throwing in the towel and the reality-TV-built girl group I.O.I dismantled after the decent “Very Very Very”.

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Last Sunday!
Through SBS Inkigayo, BLACKPINK finished promotions for their second single album, ‘SQUARE TWO’!

After it was immediately released, thanks to the fans’ love, we have been 1st in music programs, and even won an award!
The members of BLACKPINK were very happy thanks to the fans and the happy day continued on~

BLACKPINK members want to see the fans already!


Jisoo: Everyone~ ㅠ.ㅠ It’s our last stage.. I can’t believe it..
Aww!! Still we’re not finished yet~ >_< Until the end, you have been cheering for us so I think that’s why BLACKPINK worked harder and our spirit was raised higher~ ^.^ We’ll work harder so until then! Wait for us~♡♡♡ We’ll be back soon~ㅠㅠ I love you so much ♡

Jennie: Everyone it’s already our last 😦 It seems like yesterday when it was our comeback and we saw all of you and we were so happy. I want to say thank you to everyone who cheered on for ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘STAY’. With grateful mind, we’ll continue to pay back with better music. We’ll come back fast. Please be excited and wait for us. I love you ♡

Rosé: Everyone~♡ Nyongan…♡ It’s already our…last stage…?! I can’t believe it…Really ㅠ We’ll work so hard to prepare so wait a little~♡ We’ll see all your faces. ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘STAY’… Thank you so much for loving them ♡ㅠ I want to see you already, our fans 😦 I love you so much, really ♡ I can’t express it with words, that’s how much…♡ I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMESㅠ♡ UNTIL NEXT TIME…

Lisa: It’s our last stage already ㅠㅠ ~ I want to see more (of our) fans ㅠㅠㅠ We’ll come back with better performances!! Just hold on there~^^♡ We’re always grateful and you know how much we love you right?~>//<


‘SQUARE TWO’ promotions have ended but you all know that BLACKPINK has just started, right?

Spend a warm winter listening to “PLAYING WITH FIRE & STAY” to finish off December.

Thank you.

Source: ygfamily.com
Translation by Alice at YGDreamers (@blackpinkau)

[YG-LIFE] 161211 Making Hearts with Their Fingers, BLACKPINK Expresses How Sad They are about their Last “PLAYING WITH FIRE” Performance

BLACKPINK members expressed how sad they were doing the last stage of “PLAYING WITH FIRE”.

On the December 11 episode of SBS’s Inkigayo, BLACKPINK members were interviewed by emcee Kim Min Suk.

BLACKPINK members said, “We’re sad that this is our last stage but happy that so many people liked our song “PLAYING WITH FIRE”. We’ll come back after practicing harder. We’ve only debuted this year, and we like to thank our fans for their support” and made small hearts with their fingers.


SECHSKIES, B1A4, Hyoyeon, Seventeen, Se-jeong, BLACKPINK, Thunder, Kim Feel, Jung Seung-hwan, UP10TION, KNK, Laboum, December, Snuper, Between, Soyou, and Junggigo appeared on Inkigayo on December 11.

[OFFICIAL] 161211 BLACKPINK​ – Interview (Goodbye Stage Greeting) + ‘불장난’ (PLAYING WITH FIRE) on SBS Inkigayo

English Translations (Interview)

Minseok: I’m here with BLACKPINK. Ah, it’s the goodbye stage already, so I’m really sad. So it’s your second comeback, how do you feel?

Lisa: I’m so sad because it’s already our last stage, but I’m really happy because ‘Playing With Fire’ got lots of love! We’ll practice more and work harder and come back next time!

Jisoo: Also we debuted this year, and for the fans who were with us from the beginning, thank you so much! Please keep on loving us!

Minseok: BLACKPINK are pretty and the way they talk are pretty too! We hope to see you back soon! Shall we see BLACKPINK’s performance now?

Translation by Alice at YGDreamers (@blackpinkau)

[YG-LIFE] 161209 BLACKPINK to End Promotions after its Appearance on Inkigayo on December 11

BLACKPINK will be ending its promotions for its second EP.

According to sources, the six-week promotions for BLACKPINK’s second album “SQUARE TWO” is coming to an end after the group’s appearance on SBS’s Inkigayo on December 11.

BLACKPINK made a comeback on November 1 with “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “STAY”. The two title tracks have swept the charts, proving that the group is indeed a monster rookie. “PLAYING WITH FIRE” became no.1 on Inkigayo for two weeks in a row, on November 27 and December 4.

BLACKPINK is also nominated for the no.1 spot for December 11. Fans are wondering whether the group will be able to take the no.1 spot for three weeks in a row and achieve a triple crown.

After rounding up its official promotions, BLACKPINK will attend the 2016 Seoul Awards Festival. The group will also make appearances in award ceremonies at the end of the year.

“PLAYING WITH FIRE” has set numerous new records: it became no.1 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart; ranked high on its World Albums, Heartseekers-Pacific, Heartseekers Albums, Social 50 charts; and entered Canada’s Hot 100 Chart for the first time as a K-pop girl group.

BLACKPINK also won the new artist award at the Asia Artist Awards and the Melon Music Awards and the Best of Next and Music Video awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, proving that it is the hottest rookie this year.

Source: YG-Life