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[MAGAZINE] 170721 BLACKPINK on ELLE Korea August 2017 Issue {Interview ENG TRANS}

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“BLACKPINK”. I entered this name, formed out of two clearly contrasting words, into the search engine. News about their lastest single “As If It’s Your Last”’s music video reaching 60 million views on YouTube in the shortest amount of time for a K-pop group appears. BLACKPINK, a group that debuted in August of last year, already has 3 videos – “Whistle”, “Boombayah”, and “Playing With Fire” that have reached 100 million views. They’re a rookie girl group with a global fandom that YG Entertainment painstakingly created for a long time. If anyone had been wondering “Will they be able to bring something new to the table?”, they would have been immediately silenced by their enchanting visuals, their trendy songs, and their flawless, brilliant performances. And today, they grace the cover of <ELLE> Korea as the first K-pop group to do so. After intense competition and many years of training, the four best of the best, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa were revealed. Amidst all their appearances in music shows and variety programs, the busy girls wiped away any indication of fatigue and came to the studio.

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[MAGAZINE] BLACKPINK on ELLE Korea August 2017 Issue

BLACKPINK To Grace The Cover of Elle Korea’s August 2017 Issue, First K-Pop (Full) Group To Do So! Magazine (photos + interview) will be out in stores and official website on July 21, 2017

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