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[YG-LIFE] 170828 BLACKPINK x iKON x DAESUNG Shined at Japan’s a-nation, Fascinated 45,000 Music Fans

BLACKPINK, iKON, and DAESUNG presented fantastic live performances at Japan’s biggest summer music festival “A-nation 2017”.

On August 27, BLACKPINK, iKON, and DAESUNG performed at A-nation held at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium, to fascinate 45,000 music fans.

170828 blackpink at a-nation 2017

BLACKPINK marked the opening of the festival. BLACKPINK electrified the stadium by presenting the performances of their mega-hits including “BOOMBAYAH” whose music video has recently surpassed 200 million on YouTube, as well as “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and “As If It’s Your Last” all of which have surpassed 100 million views.

BLACKPINK is releasing their official Japan debut mini-album “BLACKPINK” on August 30. The members of BLACKPINK said, “We’re so happy to give live performance at this great music festival. Please remember the name BLACKPINK!”

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Source: Osen via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170807 “YG Family” TAEYANG X BLACKPINK, Company Dinner Time of the Dandy and Stylish

BIGBANG member TAEYANG boasted his bond with girl group BLACKPINK, posting a photo of family dinner with rookie girl group BLACKPINK. 

On August 7, TAEYANG posted a photo on his Instagram account, saying, “Cute BLACKPINK came to my concert as a guest performer. Thanks BLACKPINK”.

In the photo, TAEYANG and girl group BLACKPINK are making a friendly pose together. TAEYANG is smiling with his arms folded and head slightly down. BLACKPINK members are giving thumbs-up to TAEYANG, to create a friendly atmosphere. 

TAEYANG has recently been hosting “2017 World Tour WHITE NIGHT” in Japan.  

Source: Star News via YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 170801 BLACKPINK to Appear as a Guest at TAEYANG’s World Tour Concert in Japan

In addition to being the first foreign girl group to debut at Budokan in Japan, BLACKPINK will also perform at a stadium.

BLACKPINK will be doing the opening performance of TAEYANG’s world tour concert at Hotto Motto Field Kobe on August 5-6. BLACKPINK seems to be on a fast track to success as it has just held a phenomenal debut showcase and is now about to go up on stage at a stadium. It is all the more meaningful as BLACKPINK will be appearing as a guest of their labelmate TAEYANG’s concerts.

170801 taeyang white night in japan

All the 14,000 seats to BLACKPINK’s Japan debut showcase, which took place on July 20, were sold out. What’s more surprising is that more than 20,000 people had applied for the tickets.

BLACKPINK will also appear in Japan’s upcoming major events: Japan’s biggest music festival A-nation and huge fashion events such as the Tokyo Girls Collection and Kobe Collection. BLACKPINK’s Japan debut album will be released on August 30, and the group will launch an active promotion campaign in Japan afterwards.


BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” is gaining more and more popularity. As of August 1, the music video of the song surpassed 90 million YouTube views. BLACKPINK surpassed this mark 21 days earlier than the previous record holder. BLACKPINK’s one year anniversary is coming up on August 8, and the group is expected to have four music videos that surpassed 100 million views by then.

Meanwhile, TAEYANG is to make a solo comeback after a three-year hiatus, and he is currently on a tour titled “WHITE NIGHT”. He will be performing at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on August 26-27.

Source: Sports Chosun via YG-Life

[SHOW] 170729 YG Sitcom: ‘YG Strategy Center’ Preview

This is a preview of YG’s upcoming sitcom ‘YG Strategy Center’ headed by ‘God of Music’ PD Park Joon Soo. Setting is at YG building showing how the artists work or what they do. Filming is on September and is planning to be aired on November 2017. Broadcast schedule (time & date) as well as & network/channel where it will be aired are still undecided. It’s also reported that most if not all the ‘singers/musicians’ will participate in this sitcom.

Official (Raw/Unsubbed)

With English Subtitles

Credit: @leaderjiwon


[YG-LIFE] 170702 BIGBANG and BLACKPINK Gains Huge Global Popularity

YG’s BIGBANG and BLACKPINK are going viral globally. BIGBANG now has another music video that has surpassed 100 million views, and BLACKPINK’s music video has reached 40 million views in the shortest time for a K-pop group.

“FXXK IT” is the title song of BIGBANG third regular album “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”, which was released in December last year. As of 23:00 on July 2, the music video of the song reached 100,007,821 views on YouTube. This means that the music video only took six months to surpass the 100 million view mark. YG uploaded a poster congratulating this great achievement on its official blog.

170702 blackpink big bang

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[YG-LIFE] 170223 BLACKPINK & BIGBANG Received Music Awards for August, November & December at the 6th Gaon Chart Awards

Girl group BLACKPINK and group BIGBANG received honorary awards from Gaon Chart.

“2017 Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” was hosted on February 22 in the afternoon at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium located in Seoul.


BLACKPINK received the music of August and November awards and said, “We thank TEDDY who always write good songs for us. We’ll continue to work hard this year.”

BIGBANG received the music of December award and BLACKPINK from the same label took the trophy on behalf of BIGBANG.

Source: YG-Life

[NEWS] 161221 YG Reveals Their Plans For 2017: “From SECHSKIES to BLACKPINK, Planning on a packed schedule”

There are only ten days left till 2016 comes to an end. Though they are busy preparing for various end-of-the-year awards shows, entertainment agencies have already set up plans for 2017 and are ready to start a new year.

Here are 2017 plans from the “Big 3,” SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, as well as two up-and-coming agencies, Big Hit Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment.

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