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[NEWS] 180802 iKON’s B.I. Praises Fellow YG Labelmate BLACKPINK

On a recent interview ahead of their comeback, iKON mentioned BLACKPINK.

iKON praised the group with B.I saying, “BLACKPINK is doing really great. We’re not really close with them but I think they’re a group that’s admirable, awesome and pretty.”

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Source: Star News
Translation by @meloncreme of YGDreamers


[YG-LIFE] 180705 From iKON to BLACKPINK, YG Dominates 47.8% of No. 1s in Early 2018, New Record at 89 Days

It is not an exaggeration to say that YG Entertainment (YG) perfectly dominated music charts of early 2018.

According to OSEN’s analysis on Melon Chart for early 2018 on July 5, YG artists were placed at no. 1 for 89 days among a total of 186 days in 2018.

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[YG-LIFE] 180623 iKON > BIGBANG > WINNER > BLACKPINK > SEUNGRI Follows YG’s ‘Flower Road’

It’s not an exaggeration to say that music charts of early 2018 have been dominated by YG Entertainment. Now it’s time for BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI to make comeback. YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK raise expectations on SEUNGRI’s upcoming solo album.

On June 23, YANG HYUN SUK wrote “Although the preparation of the album was burdening since he is a member of BIGBANG, but after finishing the album, I feel like this is why he’s one of BIGBANG… SEUNGRI, YG’s 5th runner of 2018”. He displayed his affections towards BIGBANG as well as his confidence on SEUNGRI’s upcoming album at the same time.

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[INFO] BLACKPINK Appearances on AbemaTV + Special Launch of ‘YG CHANNEL’

[INFO] AbemaTV to launch ‘YG CHANNEL’ for a limited time only from April 28~29. The channel will air selected music videos and live performances of YGE artists as well as YG-produced survival shows. By April 28 8PM~9PM JST, ‘YG CHANNEL’ will be broadcasting BLACKPINK Home Party which will feature the girls’ charms and kawaii (cuteness) as they talk about Japanese culture, fashion, art and trends.


In addition, AbemaTV will also start airing a new weekly program “YG TV” on May 4 at 9PM JST on K WORLD channel which will feature BLACKPINK and labelmates WINNER & iKON. It will run for an hour showing their music videos and variety shows with Japanese subtitles. “YG TV” will be aired every Friday from 9AM ~ 10PM JST

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[ENDORSEMENT] Lisa for NONA9ON S/S 2018 Collection – ‘SUMMER ISN’T OVER YET’


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[YG-LIFE] 170828 BLACKPINK x iKON x DAESUNG Shined at Japan’s a-nation, Fascinated 45,000 Music Fans

BLACKPINK, iKON, and DAESUNG presented fantastic live performances at Japan’s biggest summer music festival “A-nation 2017”.

On August 27, BLACKPINK, iKON, and DAESUNG performed at A-nation held at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium, to fascinate 45,000 music fans.

170828 blackpink at a-nation 2017

BLACKPINK marked the opening of the festival. BLACKPINK electrified the stadium by presenting the performances of their mega-hits including “BOOMBAYAH” whose music video has recently surpassed 200 million on YouTube, as well as “WHISTLE”, “PLAYING WITH FIRE”, and “As If It’s Your Last” all of which have surpassed 100 million views.

BLACKPINK is releasing their official Japan debut mini-album “BLACKPINK” on August 30. The members of BLACKPINK said, “We’re so happy to give live performance at this great music festival. Please remember the name BLACKPINK!”

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Source: Osen via YG-Life

[SHOW] 170729 YG Sitcom: ‘YG Strategy Center’ Preview

This is a preview of YG’s upcoming sitcom ‘YG Strategy Center’ headed by ‘God of Music’ PD Park Joon Soo. Setting is at YG building showing how the artists work or what they do. Filming is on September and is planning to be aired on November 2017. Broadcast schedule (time & date) as well as & network/channel where it will be aired are still undecided. It’s also reported that most if not all the ‘singers/musicians’ will participate in this sitcom.

Official (Raw/Unsubbed)

With English Subtitles

Credit: @leaderjiwon