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[YG-LIFE] 130703 2NE1 first to kick off the start line of making a comeback… followed by scores of YG artists


And in October, the much-anticipated new girl group of YG will be unveiled. Each member of the group will be debuting as a solo. Consisting of 6 members whose average age is 17, the group will be debuting as a solo, and then will come together to form a group.

The founder of YG Entertainment, YANG HYUN-SUK, said, “The project initially started off with a plan of 10 or more members in the group, but throughout the years there has been a fierce competition among tens of tryout singers and now remain 6 members. Unfortunately Yuna Kim, who was discovered on Superstar K, had to be excluded from the team for personal reasons. However, Eunbi Kim, a contestant from the same program, remains as one of the 6 members.”

KIM JISOO and JENNIE KIM are few of the revealed members of the group. Last year YG revealed photographs of the two – KIM JISOO, who has a mysterious aura with a beautiful look, and JENNIE KIM, who looked like a pretty doll with stunning rapping skills. The fans are already looking forward to seeing the new group. Music lovers are especially excited to see JENNIE KIM, as she appeared as the main character in G-DRAGON’s music video. Another member, who is half Korean, is said to be an amazing dancer.

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Source: YG-Life


When will YG’s new girl group make their debut?

We are planning October for YG’s new girl group’s debut. The group has been preparing for a long time at YG – their debut is YG’s first one in 4 years since BigBang’s debut in 2006 and 2NE1’s in 2009.

The trilingual members are fluent in Korean, English and Japanese. Despite their young age, an average of 17 year old, they are arousing deep attention not only in Korea but also overseas.

How many members in the group?

The project initially started off with a plan of 10 or more members in the group, but throughout the years there has been a fierce competition among tens of tryout singers and now remain 6 members.

Unfortunately Yuna Kim, who was discovered on Superstar K, had to be excluded from the team for personal reasons. However, Eunbi Kim, a contestant from the same program, remains as one of the 6 members.

What is the promotional tactic of the new girl group?

We are adopting a debut method that is utterly different from the conventional debuting ways that was applied to other YG girl groups. From October, we will be debuting one or two members at a time to see whether they are apt for the public. When we can see that the audience likes them, then we will move on to forming a proper group.

BigBang’s all five members, on the other hand, made a debut as a group and then started working on their own work. It will help you understand better when I say that we are going the completely opposite direction with YG’s new girl group.

In a nutshell, each member makes a debut first, and then they will come together to form a group.

Source: YG-Life

[NEWS] 130123 YG Officially Drops 1 Trainee From New Girl Group


YG’s new girl group is still shrouded in mystery, but after revealing 2 confirmed members (Kim Jisoo and Jennie Kim), that mysterious cloud is slowly dissipating. But, to many fans, it’s disappearing at a very slow rate. However, to tickle the fans’ interest, YG recently dropped another hint to the girl group formation.

On January 23, an official at YG Entertainment shared, “Yuna Kim and Kim Eun Bi were strong candidates for the new girl group, but one of them has been dropped. Because CEO Yang Hyung Suk was directly involved in the girl group’s selection and training process, not much news have been leaked out. These two girls were set to debut with the girl group even up to late last year and the atmosphere at YG looked favorable at their inclusion, but why one of them has been dropped- no one explained.”

YG posted a practice clip of the two covering Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold” early last year, (You can watch it here) where they showcase their singing and rapping talents. Both girls have their unique voice color, making it a disappointment knowing one of them will not be included in YG’s next girl group.

Both girls are final contestants from the audition program “Super Star K.” Kim Eunbi was a contestant in Season 2 while Yuna Kim particpated in Season 3. Kim Eunbi received a lot of interest in 2011 for her enhanced beauty after losing 8kg. Meanwhile, Yuna Kim is known as “Female Jo Kwon” for her funny charms and wit that she had demonstrated on the audition program.

This new girl group is also being called, “YG’s Girls’ Generation.” The girls are known to be natural beauties who have never received plastic surgery treatment of any kind. President Yang stated, “I started this group because I thought it would be interesting to see a group of pretty girls who can also sing hip hop music.”

Source: Soompi

[NEWS] 121221 YG’s New Girl Group to Be Revealed in January

121221 yggirlgroup1

YG Entertainment (YGE) will reveal their highly anticipated new girl group on January 15, and YG is planning large-scale promotions.

On December 20 YGE CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed to “Star News,” “We will reveal everything about the new girl group that we have been so diligently working on on January 15.” If YG sticks to his words, then it is expected that YG will unveil all the members via the internet by January 15. YG plans to release practice videos of the members for fans to watch.

With that said, not all of the revealed members will be part of the new girl group. Only members who receive public recognition through the practice videos will be chosen as members of the new girl group.

“We’ve been recording each member’s practices for a long time now, but if there are too many revealed candidates we could eliminate one or two.” Yang Hyun Suk said. “Even in the already revealed members, there has been one member who has dropped out.” Over the past year, YG has unveiled Kim Eun Bi from “Super Star K2”, Euna Kim from “Super Star K3”, “Mystery Girl 1” Kim Jennie, and “Mystery Girl 2” who is supposedly half Korean. So according to Yang Hyun Suk, one of these girls has been dropped from the group.

The CEO also said, “After we post the videos in January, we will reveal the date of their official debut song.”

He also gave more hints about the future girl group. “This girl group will be distinctively different than current girl groups…I feel like it’s necessary to reveal the members publicly before their debut. We are also planning a new type of promotions.”

This will be YG’s first girl group in four years, after 2NE1. YG has also revealed his plans for a new boy group which you can read about here.


Source: Soompi

[NEWS] 121122 YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group Makes Unofficial Debut

121122 Hayi scarecrow

YG Entertainment’s much anticipated new girl group has made their unofficial debut through Lee Ha Yi’s new single, “Scarecrow.”

On November 22, Lee Ha Yi released her second single, “Scarecrow,” as a follow up track to her debut song, “1,2,3,4.” The song’s release attracted more attention after it was revealed that all seven members of YGE’s new girl group participated as feature singers. Although their vocals are hard to distinguish in the song, as they only featured in the chorus part, fans have expressed their excitement over the song.

“Scarecrow” is written and produced by Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment. He gifted the song to Yang Hyun Suk years ago, and YGE finally made it into an official single for Lee Ha Yi. The song won’t have a music video, but Lee Ha Yi will soon make a live appearance on music shows with her new song.

lee hi - scarecrow feat ygngg

Source: Soompi

[NEWS] 121006 YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group to Make Official Debut in January of Next Year


YG Entertainment has confirmed January 2013 for the official debut of their new girl group.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk commented that a new girl group would debut next January.

Yang Hyun Suk commented, “G-Dragon is currently producing their new album, but due to his solo comeback, it is taking a bit longer for their album to come out. We also have other artists such Epik High, 2NE1 and Taeyang making a comeback at the end of this year so the girl group will be making their debut next January.”

They also chose next January so that they could start off the year fresh and reveal themselves to the public first before any other girl group.

YG’s official blog has been revealing images of the 5 members of the group.
Two of the members were contestant’s of music audition programs and the others are Jenni Kim, who was revealed in G-Dragon’s music video and another mystery girl.

They did not reveal much more about the group. Many are curious to see the new group as YG has not come out with another girl group since 2NE1 in 2009.

Source: kpopstarz

-Alternative Article-

2NE1 & Taeyang to comeback in November, YG Entertainment to debut new girl group in January 2013

YG Entertainment will be unveiling their new girl group in January 2013.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “YG Entertainment’s new girl group will debut into the music scene in January of next year. G-Dragon is in charge of the overall production of their debut album. But since he’s promoting his own solo album, the debut date was pushed back a bit. On top of that, Epik High will make their comeback and LEE Hi will debut this month. 2NE1 and Taeyang will be releasing their new songs in November, so the new girl group will be debuting next year in January. Another reason January was chosen is because we wanted to start YG’s new year with the new girl group.”

YG Entertainment had introduced the 5 members of the new girl group through YG-Life in April and May. The members are Kim Eun Bi, born in 1993 and a top 6 contestant of ‘Superstar K2’, Yuna Kim from ‘Superstar K3’, Jenny Kim, and two mystery girls who have high talent, one of whom is half Korean and half Caucasian.

YG Entertainment said, “We still can’t release any information such as how many members are in the final group.”

Source: Allkpop

[VIDEO] 120928 YG New Girl Group Briefly Mentioned on ‘Danny from L.A.”

1TYM’s Danny talks about YG New Girl Group on Mnet’s Danny from L.A. Eunbi and Euna mentioned around 6:55 and Jennie around 8:30!

*Danny says he was there at Jennie’s audition and said she was a little shy at that time, but pretty dope!*

Source: KCON.TV

[NEWS] 120903 New Face to Be Featured on G-Dragon’s Track, Still a Mystery


The sixth member of YG’s new girlgroup’s silhouette has been revealed. On G-Dragon’s solo album track “결국” (“In the End”), another member from YG’s new girlgroup will be featured. The face, name,age, nationality, any personal information remains undisclosed, but the possibility that the girl is from YG’s new girlgroup is a big state.

On the 3rd of September, track list for G-Dragon’s new album, “One of a Kind” has been announced through YG Entertainment’s official blog, YG-life. The track that has received the most number of attention is the third track entitled “결국”. The person to be featured on the track was unspecified and was noted by a question mark which aroused curiosity.

Initially, the ‘?’ girl to be featured is known to be one of the five girls that were announced previously. But according to a representative from YGE, the ‘?’ girl is a “new face” and is someone who was never been introduced to the public. On the 4th, a representative said (through Dispatch), “It’s not a member that we have introduced before. The one involved in here is a completely different and new face.”

Another representative stated, “So far, it has not been finalized yet if how many among the girls who were revealed to the public would make up the group. It may consist six or seven members, it may also be in contrast to a quartet or quintet.”

Meanwhile, the final silhouettes for the new girl group will be revealed sometime around this year. Regarding the final number of members, only the representatives know.

Translated by: ilove2NE1girls @ YGDreamers

[NEWS] 120831 G-Dragon Rumored To Be The Main Producer of YG’s New Girl Group

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon is rumored to be the main producer for YG Entertainment‘s highly anticipated new girl group!

According to industry insiders, G-Dragon is said to be producing for the new group, who plans to make a debut this October with a song produced by G-Dragon himself.

G-Dragon is already well-known for the many songs he has written and composed for Big Bang’s albums as well as his own solo albums. However, it is the first time that G-Dragon will be acting as the main producer for any group, and thus, the news is already attracting much attention even before the girl group’s debut.

With G-Dragon said to be the main producer for the group, many are speculating that the group is sure to have a different style than that of 2NE1, as the main producer for 2NE1 is Teddy.

The talented young idol is said to have already written quite a few songs for the new group, and he’ll also be including one of the members, Jennie Kim, in his ‘That XX‘ music video, which will be revealed on September 1st.

But that’s not all! G-Dragon, who is returning with a solo album after 3 years, is also rumored to have recruited another member from the girl group to feature in one of his songs from the upcoming solo album.

The girls from the upcoming group that we have seen so far include ‘Superstar K2‘s Kim Eun Bi(1993), ‘Superstar K3‘s Euna Kim (1994), and Jennie Kim, as well as the other two mysterious girls, whose names have not been released to the public. YG Entertainment is continuing to hold their silence on the number of members the girl group will include and other details.

Source: Nate via Allkpop

-Alternative Article-

G-Dragon to Produce Album of YGE’s New Girl Group

G-Dragon will join the producing team of YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group, it was reported on August 31.

“G-Dragon will join YGE’s new girl group as their producer. This is the first time for G-Dragon to produce someone else’s album,” an official was quoted as saying.

“Other top YG producers will also be part of the production team, so it’s hard to say G-Dragon’s producing the entire album. But we decided to have G-Dragon participate (in producing) to help give the girl group a unique sound,” it added.

G-Dragon has been busy with his first solo album in three years, which is set for release on September 1. His title track, “That XX,” will feature Jennie Kim, one of the members of YGE’s new girl group, while some of his other tracks will also feature a few of the new girl group members.

It is unclear how many members in total the new girl group will have. They are scheduled to debut sometime in October.

Source: Soompi