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[MAGAZINE] BLACKPINK on ZIPPER Japan Magazine Spring (May) 2017 Issue {INTERVIEW + SCANS}

170323 ikon_bp zipper japan_4

ZIPPER (Z): Could you tell us about the road to your debut and how your team was formed?

Jisoo (JS): We auditioned and got into the company, and we’re 4 people who trained together for a very long period of 5 years. We’ve become close friends and became a group.

Z: The members are really close to one another. Can each member describe their own personality?

Lisa (LS): Always bright! I’m a happy virus! I’m easily happy.

Jennie (JN): I’m the type of person who will just silently listen when there’s a lot of people. I’m shy around strangers.

JS: I love talking, and I’m brighter when everyone else is around. I like bringing fun to the people around me!

Rosé (RS): I grew up abroad, so I make outsized reactions. I’m shy when I first meet people, and I think I have a cute way of talking? (laughs) But when it comes to work, I’m very principled. I’m extremely harsh with myself.

Z: Your MV hit 100M views, and you’ve received much attention overseas too. What are your thoughts when you see this global reaction?

JS: Whenever we hear about that all of the members become ecstatic. We’re really full of gratitude!

RS: We’re excited that, we’ve gone through such a long training period, and maybe we’ve finally fulfilled our dreams. From now on, we’re going to work hard to repay all the people who’ve supported us!

170323 ikon_bp zipper japan_3

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[NEWS] 170314 YG Entertainment Updates Fans On BLACKPINK’s Spring Plans

BLACKPINK is heading to college this spring!

On March 14, a source from YG Entertainment confirmed that the girls will be performing at a number of university festivals in Seoul in May. BLACKPINK will be performing at an outdoor festival for the first time since their debut, a decision made in part to begin promotions for their spring comeback.

170314 blackpink univ festivals may cb

Their immense popularity put BLACKPINK in pretty high demand with Korean universities, who traditionally invite popular K-pop acts to perform at their annual college festivals. And while YG Entertainment previously had the group focus on preparing new music, they’ve decided to give back to fans by attending local universities by agreeing to have the girls perform.

Who else is excited to see the girls kick off their comeback activities?

Source: Soompi | @theseoulstory