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[SHOW] YG Sitcom: ‘YG Future Strategy Office’

The sitcom is set for global release via Netflix on October 5, 2018.

All 8 Episodes of the sitcom can officially be viewed at Netflix: LINK

ABOUT THE SHOW: “YG Strategy Center” is a new real sitcom produced by producing director (PD) Park Jun Su, who has created showed like Mnet’s “The God of Music” and “UV Syndrome.” He is joined by “SNL Korea” writer Kim Min Suk, and the series will star BIGBANG’s Seungri as an ambitious figure who hopes to save a company in trouble. Unlike its grandiose name, the strategic information center is a department where all of YG’s outsiders are placed, and another name for it is YG’s treasure chest.


Source: Cutie Tae

170927 PREVIEW Stills of BLACKPINK

Source: Netflix Naver Post

170921 PREVIEW with English Subtitles

170914 PREVIEW with English Subtitles

170729 PREVIEW

YG artists as CEO Yang Hyun Suk did interviews last year before the filming of the show.

Official (Raw/Unsubbed)

With English Subtitles

Credit: @leaderjiwon