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[YG-LIFE] 161218 BLACKPINK Goes on Running Man in Jeonju

BLACKPINK went on a variety show as a guest, creating a big issue.

BLACKPINK was received with a warm applause from the cast on SBS’s Running Man that aired on December 18.

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[SHOW] 161218 SBS Running Man Episode 330 with BLACKPINK {ENGSUB | Raw Cuts | Torrent & SRT} + CAPS

Raw Cuts (Playlist)

You can also watch them via Running Man’s Naver TV Cast Channel (Playlist)

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[YG-LIFE] 161211 Making Hearts with Their Fingers, BLACKPINK Expresses How Sad They are about their Last “PLAYING WITH FIRE” Performance

BLACKPINK members expressed how sad they were doing the last stage of “PLAYING WITH FIRE”.

On the December 11 episode of SBS’s Inkigayo, BLACKPINK members were interviewed by emcee Kim Min Suk.

BLACKPINK members said, “We’re sad that this is our last stage but happy that so many people liked our song “PLAYING WITH FIRE”. We’ll come back after practicing harder. We’ve only debuted this year, and we like to thank our fans for their support” and made small hearts with their fingers.


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[INSTAGRAM] 161128 Official SBS Running Man Account Updates Filming With BLACKPINK

[YG-LIFE] 161128 Exclusive: BLACKPINK To Appear On SBS “Running Man” Show, Shooting In Jeonju

Girl group BLACKPINK is appearing in “Running Man” show. It is BLACKPINK’s first-ever appearance in an entertainment TV show of a public TV station.

According to insiders on November 28, BLACKPINK takes part in the shooting for SBS TV’s entertainment show “Running Man” as guests. The shooting is carried out on November 28 in the afternoon in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, Korea.

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[YG-LIFE] 130908 YG’s newbie Jennie Kim makes surprise appearance on Inkigayo with G-DRAGON

G-DRAGON, who is dominating the South Korean music market since his release of 2nd regular album, delivered a comeback performance on SBS’s Inkigayo on Sept 8.

He performed 3 songs in total including ‘Niliria’, ‘Black’, and ‘Go’, all of which are unveiled on television for the first time.

But what aroused much attention is YG’s upcoming new girl group member Jennie Kim who appeared on stage with him to feature in one of the songs.

Jennie Kim featured in ‘Black’, while last year she acted in GD’s ‘That xx’ music video. She is just 17. Every time her photograph was revealed to the public, her foreign look brought much excitement. And on the day of GD’s comeback on Inkigayo, she made her first television appearance.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON adopted a unique promotional method where he not only reveals the title songs of the new album but also the entire track list.

His album is essentially a work of perfection as all of the songs are being listed from rank #1 to 10 on major music charts. As he devoted a year worth of time in the album, he is shifting his focus on promoting the entire album instead of just one song.

On next week’s Inkigayo, he will be showcasing the already beloved ‘Crooked’, which is an epitome of his charms.

On Sept 10, G-DRAGON’s first ever exhibition ‘G-DRAGON SPACE 8’ will be launched at Cais Gallery in Cheongdam-dong, which will display his photographs including the unrevealed ones, along with outfits and props used for World Tour.

Anyone who owns a paid-ticket to his solo World Tour Final Concert on Aug 31 and Sept 1, and who holds the entrance ticket enclosed in his 2nd regular album will be allowed to enter the gallery.

On Sept 13, he will be releasing his 2nd regular album offline, which includes different versions of ‘Window’ and ‘Black’.

Source: YG-Life

[YG-LIFE] 130908 World Star GD’s Overwhelming Comeback in “INKIGAYO”

Boy band Big Bang (Top, G-Dragon, Dae Sung, Seungri, Taeyang)’s lead singer G-Dragon (birth name Ji Yong Kwon) had a fantastic comeback performance.

G-Dragon appeared in SBS music show “INKIGAYO” and gave an official comeback performance for his second full solo album, by singing three of his new songs “Niliria”, “Black”, and “Go”.

Upon coming upon the stage, G-Dragon took hold of it. Singing the first song “Niliria”, he got into the traditional Korean folk song rhythm of the song.

He also displayed a special talent in emotional rap, singing the second song “Black” for which YG’s new artist Jennie Kim featured, attracting much attention.

The last song “Go” overwhelmed the audience, with a rather shocking big wig which created a perfect look on him, as well as an amusing performance.

Plus, the stage costume lived up to G-Dragon’s reputation as a fashionista. The hip-hop costume, black suit, and unique hat and wig all added up to the colorful style of his comeback performance.<

G-Dragon released 12 new songs among the tracks in his second solo full album “COUP D’ETAT” separately on the 2 and 5 this month, and the new songs have shown a great momentum to sweep number one places in most music charts in and out of the country.

On the 13, G-Dragon will disclose another version of “WINDOW”, and “Black” and officially release his album off-line.

Meanwhile, KARA, BTOB, Sunmi, Bumkey, Henry, ZE:A, SPICA, Tasty, LADIES’ CODE, as well as G-Dragon appeared in “INKIGAYO” on the day.<

Source: YG-Life