[YG-LIFE] 180809 “BLACKPINK Forever”, ROSÉ X LISA’s Noble Beauty for Dazed Korea

UK licensed fashion & culture magazine Dazed and Confused revealed pictorials of BLACKPINK members ROSÉ and LISA through their 2018 autumn special on August 9. For this pictorial, ROSÉ and LISA who are known to be stylish on stage and in their daily lives transformed into English nobles.


[MAGAZINE] Rosé & Lisa for Dazed Korea Special Fall 2018 Edition

Even when it’s extremely hot, you guys still cling onto each other’s side. Rosé: It’s because we’re friends. Hahaha Lisa: By the way, your Hawaiian shirt is really pretty. It’s definitely my kind of style. Rosé: Right. That shirt is definitely Lisa’s style. It’s a Kenyan vintage item I bought from Tokyo. Lisa: Ah, really? […]