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[MAGAZINE] BLACKPINK on ZIPPER Japan Magazine Spring (May) 2017 Issue {INTERVIEW + SCANS}

170323 ikon_bp zipper japan_4

ZIPPER (Z): Could you tell us about the road to your debut and how your team was formed?

Jisoo (JS): We auditioned and got into the company, and we’re 4 people who trained together for a very long period of 5 years. We’ve become close friends and became a group.

Z: The members are really close to one another. Can each member describe their own personality?

Lisa (LS): Always bright! I’m a happy virus! I’m easily happy.

Jennie (JN): I’m the type of person who will just silently listen when there’s a lot of people. I’m shy around strangers.

JS: I love talking, and I’m brighter when everyone else is around. I like bringing fun to the people around me!

Rosé (RS): I grew up abroad, so I make outsized reactions. I’m shy when I first meet people, and I think I have a cute way of talking? (laughs) But when it comes to work, I’m very principled. I’m extremely harsh with myself.

Z: Your MV hit 100M views, and you’ve received much attention overseas too. What are your thoughts when you see this global reaction?

JS: Whenever we hear about that all of the members become ecstatic. We’re really full of gratitude!

RS: We’re excited that, we’ve gone through such a long training period, and maybe we’ve finally fulfilled our dreams. From now on, we’re going to work hard to repay all the people who’ve supported us!

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