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[INFO] BLACKPINK Appearances on AbemaTV + Special Launch of ‘YG CHANNEL’

[INFO] AbemaTV to launch ‘YG CHANNEL’ for a limited time only from April 28~29. The channel will air selected music videos and live performances of YGE artists as well as YG-produced survival shows. By April 28 8PM~9PM JST, ‘YG CHANNEL’ will be broadcasting BLACKPINK Home Party which will feature the girls’ charms and kawaii (cuteness) as they talk about Japanese culture, fashion, art and trends.


In addition, AbemaTV will also start airing a new weekly program “YG TV” on May 4 at 9PM JST on K WORLD channel which will feature BLACKPINK and labelmates WINNER & iKON. It will run for an hour showing their music videos and variety shows with Japanese subtitles. “YG TV” will be aired every Friday from 9AM ~ 10PM JST

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