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On 2011, Yang Hyun Suk announced that he will be introducing a new girl group. Subsequently, YG Entertainment revealed a picture of Kim Eunbi (20) on the 21st of November 2011. Having a more mature and slimmer look, netizens speculated that she went under the knife. However, YGE officials stated that Kim Eunbi did not undergo surgery and have lost 8kg in less than a year. Eunbi was a former contestant of Superstar K2, she signed a contract with YG Entertainment and has since trained in YG for a year or two now.
After this, April 6th of 2012, YGE’s Official Youtube channel revealed a video clip of Kim Eunbi and Kim Euna’s (18) vocal practice. With Eunbi’s powerful vocals and Kim Euna’s rapping skills, it received various constructive feedbacks from both fans and netizens alike. But what really captured the attention of netizens is Kim Euna’s sudden rap in the middle of the song. She was seen being carried away by the rhythm of the track as she raps in English, showing a confident and composed side of hers; completely different from the girl who forgot the lyrics of the song when she performed on ‘Superstar K3‘ due to anxiety. The two were then confirmed to be a part of the upcoming girl group.
As soon as YG Entertainment dropped teasers about the rumored upcoming girl group, many speculations swoon all over several online communities. Everyone was giving their own stand as to what they think YG’s upcoming girl group will be.

On the 10th of the same month, YG’s blog, YG-Life, revealed a photo of a mystery girl to the public. Through netizens’ investigations, the mystery girl’s identity was immediately disclosed. According to them, the girl on the picture is Jenny Kim (17) from New Zealand. In response to this, YGE confirmed the information and couldn’t hide their surprise when they commented, “The name and age are right. She moved abroad when she was very little so we didn’t think her information would be discovered if we shared her picture in Korea.”

They also revealed that Jenny Kim is fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese and was chosen to be a trainee by Yang Hyun Suk himself for her talented dancing and singing. She’s been a trainee for several years now yet when asked if Jenny is a part of the new girl group, YG said, “Nothing has been confirmed yet”.

A month after, the company published a black and white photo of another mystery girl. With her “legendary” and “vintage” beauty, netizens were quick to dig up the identity of this girl. She was said to be Park Chanah (19), a former trainee on Starship Entertainment and rumored to be debuting as part of kpop group, Sistar. There were also rumours stating that she is Big Bang Seungri’s younger sister. Since YG did not confirm or denied anything, this mystery girl’s identity is still unknown; the only thing that we’re sure of is that she’s one potential member for the upcoming girl group.

Surprisingly, weeks after, on the 11th of May, a video clip of an unknown girl was revealed on YG-Life. In the video, you get to see a 16 year old girl dancing to the strong beats of Chris Brown’s Turn Up the Music. The video, taken during the group’s training session, blacked out the rest of the girls and highlighted this unknown girl’s every movement alone. With her flexibility and unquestionable skill, she is no doubt the mystery girl who received the most explosive interest from the public compared to the other mystery girls. Right at this moment, it has gathered a total of more than 2 million online views! The clip ends with a close up shot of the girl that says, “The 5th” and “Age: 16” In the space below her name and nationality, it only says, “Unknown”

According to Star News, YG did confirm that this girl is the fifth member of their new girl group. According to other source, this mystery girl was born in 1995 and is rumoured to be half Caucasian and half Korean. She is reported to be a trainee who spent quite some time training under YG Entertainment. However, different from what news articles are reporting, fans believe that she was the trainee from Thailand who got accepted in 2010 after YGE held an audition in the said place, by the name of Lalisa ‘Lalice’ Manoban.

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*please be reminded that these are just assumptions and are not confirmed yet*
Assumptions about the group having a total of 7 members from the previous rumors of 9 members spread as YGE released the said video. Netizens took time to count the number of people dancing in the said video which made them come up with the figure (7). Speculations of one, the nationality of the 5th girl; two, the 4 other people YGE had released teasers of being seen dancing in the video; and three, that this group will be an appearance-based kind of group spread all over several news portals at the same time.
It will be inevitable though not to attach 2NE1 on the upcoming group and though YG had said that this girl group will not be in any way similar to 2NE1, the press people as well as some fans and non-fans seem to have their own way of comparing them with the popular and much talented foursome. It is indeed a welcoming pride to be compared with a nothing less than perfect seniors even before they step on their debut stage.
As to everything that the media and netizens have commented, spread and speculated; these are only fruits of own thoughts and a few investigations. As for YGE fans and everyone that are anticipating for this girl group, we can only confirm things coming directly from YG’s lips.

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Jennie Kim
Birthday: 1996
Languages: Korean, English and Japanese
Nationality: Korean (but lived in New Zealand)
Read More: HERE

Kim Jisoo
Birthday: June 20, 1995
Languages: Korean
Nationality: Korean
Read More: HERE
Lalice ‘Lisa’ Manoban
Real Name: ปราณปริยา มโนบาล (Pranpriya Manoban)
Birthday: 1997
Languages: Thai & Korean
Nationality: Thai
Read More: HERE

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