In collaboration with other international fanbases BLACKPINK_INTL, JENNIERATIONS & LISARAMBO, we, YGDreamers, have organized a fan support project in preparation for BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback. This project aims to get a digital billboard advertisement in Gangnam, Seoul that will promote BLACKPINK’s next comeback and provide food support to BLACKPINK as well as the staff and BLINKs participating on their comeback stage pre-recording. Check below for more details and instructions.


Donate for the digital billboard ad via Fanmaum: https://fanmaum.com/projects/view/2696

Fanmaum is unfortunately not available for iOS yet but fret not, you can still support our project for BLACKPINK by logging in on PC and going to their website at fanmaum.com! You can sign up on Fanmaum with your e-mail account or by linking your Facebook, Naver, Twitter, or WeChat account. If you ever come across any difficulties while signing up, logging in, purchasing hearts, or sending them to our project, please contact any of the listed fanbases.

Donate for the food support via JENNIERATIONS’ PayPal: jnrpaypal@gmail.com

For fans who would like to send in donations, you can create a free PayPal account with your debit/credit card. After making your donation and send a prompt to our DM in the following format:

Name / Nickname:
Amount donated:

03_4thbpcbproj_Twitter_How to Fanmaum

Donation period currently runs from April 1, 2018~May 6, 2018 but is subject to change since there’s no set date for their comeback yet. Special gifts, which will be announced soon, await the top donors.

We hope a lot of our fellow BLINKs participate and support this project. Any amount is much welcomed and appreciated. If you have any concern regarding the project, don’t hesitate to comment below or mention/DM us @YGDreamers on Twitter or any of the fanbases involved (@BLACKPINK_INTL, @JENNIERATIONS & @LISARAMBO). Thank you!


[MAGAZINE] 180528 Lisa on Nylon Japan July 2018 Issue

180522 nylonjapan lisa

The popular group member, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, has finally come to cover our magazine! The limited edition Nylon web magazine which she covered (solo) became popular and got sold out as soon as it was released so it is expected that this month’s official solo cover will be sold out as well.

Inquiries flooded even before the launch. The ‘universe’ themed cover stories are delivered in 20 pages. As Lisa’s beautiful style stands out, her visuals are the ones that you want to watch forever, so not only the fans but also the people that will see her for the first time will be captivated. There will also be an interview and a double sided posted as an appendix. It is also a story where you will be stunned non -stop.

 Official Site: nylon.jp
Scans by @327_PERCENT
Translation by @LISANATIONS_ | Revised by YGDreamers

First Solo Since Debut, #BLACKPINK Lisa, ‘NYLON JAPAN’ Official Cover

BLACKPINK Lisa will be a solo cover model for the first time since debut.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be the cover model for the July 2018 issue of ‘NYLON JAPAN’ set to be released on May 28th.

For the universe-themed project, Lisa will be wearing various colorful outfits. The issue will include 20 pages of fashion stories, a double poster appendix and Lisa’s interview titled ‘Girl Talk’ which you don’t usually hear.

On shooting the cover, Lisa conveyed her feelings and said “I was extremely nervous but worked hard to make good shots. It’s my first time doing a shoot w/ a universe concept so I was excited & it was really fun. It’s an honor to be in charge of the cover this time.”

Source: Herald Pop
Translation by YGDreamers

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[INFO] BLACKPINK University Festival 2018 Schedule

Just right before the impending summer 2018 comeback, BLACKPINK is set to perform in a number of university festivals this year! See the confirmed scheduled lineup below.

It’s been reported that BLACKPINK gets one of the most love calls to perform in university festivals as of May 2018 and so we’ll continually update this space and/or (@YGDreamers) with the latest lineup announcements of other university festivals.

📅 05.16.2018
Myeongji University Festival

📅 05.17.2018
Seoul Tech University Festival

📅 05.18.2018
Chung-Ang University Festival

📅 05.24.2018
Hanyang University Festival
(Samsung Odyssey College Game Festival Grand Finals)

[SNS] 180506 Jennie & Lisa Attend Dua Lipa’s Concert in Seoul, South Korea

English singer, Dua Lipa, recently held a concert in Seoul, Korea last May 6, 2018 and BLACKPINK’s Jennie & Lisa had the chance to watch her concert as well as meet her back stage. See their interaction from their respective SNS updates.

#BLACKPINK#DUALIPA loveely meeting you 🔥🔥🔥 @dualipa

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[MAGAZINE] 180428 Lisa on Nicola Japanese Magazine June 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)




I find a genre that suits me and just practice it many times. When I was a student I went to school (maybe for dance or sing) and practice 5~6 hours. I love and listen to Black music and I got influenced by Rihanna a lot.


Do you have your own fashion rules?
I want my legs to look nice as it is so I try to avoid wearing white pants. I don’t also think about branded clothes that much. If I like the clothes, I will buy it. I do shopping a lot in Korea but I also use America’s online shopping frequently!

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[MAGAZINE] 180428 Lisa on Mini Japan Magazine June 2018 Issue (SCANS + INTERVIEW)



Q1. Who’s in your family?
Three people (myself, my dad, and my mom).

Q2. Blood type?

Q3. Where are you from?

Q4. What is your strong point?

Q5. What is your weak point?
Not being able to stay still.

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[INFO] BLACKPINK Appearances on AbemaTV + Special Launch of ‘YG CHANNEL’

[INFO] AbemaTV to launch ‘YG CHANNEL’ for a limited time only from April 28~29. The channel will air selected music videos and live performances of YGE artists as well as YG-produced survival shows. By April 28 8PM~9PM JST, ‘YG CHANNEL’ will be broadcasting BLACKPINK Home Party which will feature the girls’ charms and kawaii (cuteness) as they talk about Japanese culture, fashion, art and trends.


In addition, AbemaTV will also start airing a new weekly program “YG TV” on May 4 at 9PM JST on K WORLD channel which will feature BLACKPINK and labelmates WINNER & iKON. It will run for an hour showing their music videos and variety shows with Japanese subtitles. “YG TV” will be aired every Friday from 9AM ~ 10PM JST

Source: (1) | (2) | (3)


‘BOOMBAYAH’ becomes BLACKPINK’s first music video to hit 300M views on YouTube as of the 9th of April!


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